Krystan McCaig

Tell me about yourself/ background/ history.

My family moved to Brandon from Flin Flon when I was 13, so I’m very fortunate to have experienced different areas of the province.  I went to high school at Vincent Massey here in Brandon, where I tackled and mastered one of my biggest academic obstacles to date with the help and patience of Kathleen Nichol – grade 12 pre-calculus.  After high school I was accepted to BU and I also studied for two years at the University of Winnipeg.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

My biggest personal achievement to date is the completion of my topics paper.  It’s the longest paper I’ve ever written, and includes original research that I conducted about a subject that I am very passionate about.  I’m also on the executive for the Political Science Club this year, and I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with faculty members and fellow students for club events.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I first encountered the study of politics at the University of Winnipeg.  I was intimidated by the prospect of studying politics as it was something I had limited knowledge of, but the introductory course I took at U of W was the course I excelled in and the course I enjoyed the most.  I developed an appreciation for political theory, and during my time at BU I have been able to explore other areas of politics, including Canadian politics and international politics, and further study of political theory.

What is your philosophy in life?

I don’t know that I have a philosophy in life, but I do try to apply the things I learn in my studies to my life, and vice versa.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

After graduating this year I will be travelling to New Orleans in May with a good friend of mine to take in their Jazz and Heritage Festival.  I have a “to see list” of concerts, and this trip will allow me to cross Bruce Springsteen off of my list.  I’ve also applied to attend grad school this fall, so my trip will serve as a distraction from anxiously checking my inbox for acceptance notifications.

Nominator’s Comments

Krystan is an exceptionally bright student with an intellectual curiosity and commitment to social justice that makes her a welcome addition to the classroom. She is also an Executive member of the Brandon University Politics Society. In this capacity, she has been involved in organizing club activities, from bringing in guest speakers to hosting Election Night gatherings to planning club field trips. Krystan has been very active in building a supportive community and spirit for Political Science students.