Jenna Michaluk

Jenna Michaluk

Born and raised in rural Manitoba, Jenna attended French immersion until junior year in high school. After graduating high school, she went on to study at Red River College where she obtained her Business Administration Diploma. Unsure of the next steps in her academic career, Jenna enrolled in Brandon University. Currently in her third and final year of her Liberal Arts degree, Jenna began working as a Learning Coach for the university. It’s in her most recent years as a learning coach, that Jenna was able to find her role and a road that led her to her career goal as an educator. Jenna enjoys the challenge and reward that teaching provides. When Jenna’s busy schedule isn’t filled at school she enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and taking her fur baby Phoenix for walks. In the future Jenna hopes to support students through their education to the best of her ability and to make an impact in the way students are taught.

Nominators’ Comments:

First nominator: I would like to nominate Jenna Michaluk for recognition on International Women’s Day.  Although I don’t actually know her well – she just started in my class this term – she is supremely smart, able to read and discuss readings with considerable nuance.  I know that she has been working quite extensively with Student Services as a peer tutor.  Although I haven’t seen anything from her in writing yet, based on what I have seen from her so far, and given her excellent grades, I think she merits consideration.

Second nominator: Jenna Michaluk is a Learning Coach in Student Services who is affectionately called “our rock star”. Learning Coaches are senior students who provide walk-in assistance to help their peers learn the academic skills necessary for success in university. In the more than ten years of this program, Jenna stands out as a brilliant Learning Coach. And that is not just because she wants to be a teacher – and will make a fantastic educator. She has more to offer her current and future students than a strong devotion to a career. She has a spark that illuminates when someone else ‘gets it’. The ‘aha’ moment for another learner invigorates her and lights up her eyes.

Like other good coaches, Jenna has patience and versatility. She is able to explain study strategies and effective approaches to learning in multiple ways. If one approach doesn’t seem to ‘click’, Jenna tries another tack with a different explanation and her persistence usually pays off with that ‘aha!’ moment. Last term alone, Jenna met with 45 students, most of whom returned for multiple visits. Her meetings addressed issues of effective study habits including textbook reading, taking lecture notes and utilizing university resources. Additionally, Jenna provided drop-in study help at our Long Night Against Procrastination and Motiv8 events in the library. Her initiative in providing extra assistance above and beyond the job merits particular attention.  Jenna developed group study tutorials for both first-year geography and geology last term. In cooperation with the faculty for these courses, Jenna offered sessions on writing multiple-choice tests and preparing for final exams. She developed mock exam templates for each chapter of geology and demonstrated effective pre-testing study strategies. These sessions were not part of her job requirements but rather were prepared and marketed by Jenna out of an interest in helping her fellow students learn. Jenna’s curiosity, empathy and dedication make her an exceptional female student and a rock star!