1. Support excellence in student experience and academic success through teaching and learning advancements, academic program innovation and renewal, and academic services (i.e., Student Services, John E. Robbins Library, Information Technology, etc.) enhancement and support.
  2. Strengthen liberal arts and science programs through academic curriculum review and renewal aimed at further meeting student needs, clearly communicating program requirements and, for all academic programs, building a reputation that articulates “Why a Brandon University degree?”
  3. Establish clear requirements for degree completion for all degree programs and facilitate a balanced educational experience for students across liberal arts, science, and professional study areas.
  4. Enhance the balance in academic programming available to students through the development and establishment of additional professional, career-oriented, and interdisciplinary programs that respond to the growing student and societal interest in these programs.
  5. Establish new experiential, co-op, and service learning opportunities that will significantly increase the number of students who gain and receive recognition on their academic transcripts from these educational experiences at Brandon University.
  6. Increase the number of academic articulation and institutional partnership arrangements to support student transfer and mobility involving Brandon University.
  7. Report University institutional data at the program, Department, and Faculty/School level, in order to support the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at enhancing student retention, degree completion, and student engagement.