1. Implement Brandon University’s Research Strategy Plan and establish Faculty/School research goals and priorities to support contributions to knowledge and understanding as well as teaching and learning, to humanity and community development, to highly qualified personnel and skills development, and to innovation and research application.
  2. Strengthen institutional support and recognition for research, scholarly, creative, and innovative activities conducted by faculty, students, and staff across the University.
  3. Update the Graduate Studies Plan to expand the number of graduate programs (including interdisciplinary programs), to build and expand existing academic programs, to support
    educational and professional advancement opportunities of members of the community and region, and to contribute to the training of highly qualified personnel at a national and international level.
  4. Establish partnerships and institutional networks to celebrate and leverage the expertise of faculty, students, and staff as well as the capacity of the university aimed at addressing contemporary challenges and fostering opportunities pertaining to people, communities, governments, and businesses at regional, national, and international levels.
  5. Promote open and frank discussion on knowledge exchange and transfer, research and its application, and public policy and action aimed at contributing to the environment and
  6. Provide continued support for access to scholarly information as well as the tools, services and expertise needed to leverage information in all its forms.