1. Establish multi-year academic curriculum and enrolment plans for each Faculty and School to support Brandon University’s contributions to post-secondary education in the province, by meeting student needs and addressing societal and government priorities.
  2. Establish institutional supports and mechanisms that further prioritize and advance academic programming, teaching, and learning: the academic service areas, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, the teaching excellence initiative(s), Senate academic program reviews, and Faculty/School academic program renewal and development activities.
  3. Establish mechanisms to promote and facilitate timely, effective, and responsive academic curriculum and program development aimed at further meeting student and societal needs,
    fostering partnerships, and addressing the priorities of government.
  4. Establish a mechanism for reporting on the enrolment, retention, degree completion, and student experience associated with academic programs based on available institutional data, in order to determine opportunities for initiatives aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of programs and student academic success at the University.
  5. Establish mechanisms to redistribute to individual Faculties, Schools, and Service Units a share of the financial benefits accrued from improvements in enrolment, retention, degree completion, and student experience within academic programs.