Making a Learning Plan

Learning Plan

Creating a Learning Plan for each of your courses can help you find control, organization, and success in your learning when everything seems to be chaotic and out of control.  Here is a sample learning plan and a template for you to use to keep track of what is going on in your classes and what you will do to find success with these new changes.  This template can also be used at the beginning of every semester to get organized and reduce procrastination.  You’ve got this!

Sample Course: Philosophy

Office hours/contact/technology:

  1. Moodle/Zoom/Facebook private class group called __________
  2. Moodle chat/MWF 1-4 pm/Email as needed to _____________
  3. Professor’s phone number: ___________________

Note-Taking and Lectures:

  1. Videos will be posted online at the time of class.  Videos will also be recorded for students to access asynchronously in case of internet disruption.
  2. Students need to take photos of notes and upload to Moodle for participation points.
  3. Use Cornell notes for note-taking strategy.
  4. Summarize and synthesize notes with book notes after class as a study strategy.

Tests and quizzes:

  1. 1 test every two weeks on Moodle/Fridays at 10 am – totalling 30%
  2. Weekly quizzes on lectures – 5% each.  Drop lowest one.

Study Plan:

  1. Synthesize notes with readings
  2. Read through professor’s comments on Moodle
  3. Create concept charts about key terms and quiz myself/have roommate quiz me
  4. Use SQR and Bloom’s Taxonomy to anticipate exam and make study questions

Reading Assignments and Reading Plan:

  1. Textbook chapters to be read before viewing class lectures on Moodle.
  2. Book Sophie’s World – Moodle discussion is related to this book.  Assigned readings on Moodle each week.
  3. Use careful annotations while reading to prepare for Moodle discussions and essay portions of the test.  Marked up text can be used for the test so use colour-coded post it notes.

Weekly Assignments:

  1. Class readings based on course outline
  2. Moodle discussions
  3. Viewing lectures online/note-taking/studying


  1. Research paper due last week of the semester – worth 30%


  1. Zoom meeting with Sheilagh in Learning Skills every Wed. for strategies for studying and time management.
  2. Library online chats for support with research for final paper.
  3. Academic Skills writing help with paper – email Karen or Joan.
  4. Student Services personal counselling for stress management and relaxation exercises.

Learning Plan Template