Mid to Long-Term initiatives

The University should seek to manage growth and development of the campus in a compact way, focusing on the redevelopment of or additions to existing buildings as opportunities for growth rather than building new stand alone buildings in remote areas of the Campus. This means that any development or re-development within a ten to twenty year time frame would be focused within the campus core area, between 18th Street, Louise Avenue, 21st Street, and Princess Avenue. This includes the development or enhancement of adjacent open spaces. Opportunities to initiate new development in this time frame coincide with the Campus Space Planning Study, which has assessed that the University will outgrow its current inventory of space in the Year 2025.

Once the Campus’ core has reached maximum development capacity the University can look to expand to its south and west quadrants for continued long term growth.

Schedule 25: Mid to Long-Term Initiatives

(A) Building Expansions, Redevelopment and Open Space Enhancement

New building expansion opportunities allow for the increase in academic space and other services, as well as the creation of gateways and new frontages along the internal campus streets. They also provide opportunities to frame and enhance existing open spaces and define new ones as guided by the Open Space Framework.


  • Develop the George T. Richardson building expansion as an opportunity to create a new gateway as a terminus to Lorne Avenue, to increase academic space and provide other campus uses such as new student amenities and social gathering spaces.
  • Renovate the Music Hall Courtyard Space in conjunction with the George T. Richardson building expansion initiative. Consider providing access from the music building to the open space as part of a comprehensive development initiative of this node.
  • Redevelop Darrach Hall & Flora Cowan Hall buildings as opportunities to create a new frontage for Louise Avenue and 20th Street, to replace and upgrade student housing, and provide other campus uses and services.
  • Develop the George T. Richardson East-West Plaza in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Darrach Hall & Flora Cowan Hall buildings.
  • Renovate the John R. Brodie Science Centre with upgraded facilities and enhance the courtyard adjacent to the building.
  • Enhance the plaza open space fronting the Centennial Auditorium. This initiative can also happen in the short term as it is not tied to a building initiative.