Heritage Conservation

Commemorate and celebrate heritage assets

Schedule 06: Heritage Conservation

Brandon University has a collection of prominent older buildings that represent significant architectural moments in time. The collection includes Clark Hall, the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, the Health Studies Complex, the Students’ Union Centre, the Education Building, the Music Building, the A.E. McKenzie Building, and the George T. Richardson Centre. Most of these buildings define the East Campus Quadrant and should be recognized and conserved as significant and contributing buildings in the context of the Plan. Some of these buildings are defined by surrounding existing cultural heritage open spaces. Both buildings and open spaces should be enhanced as significant assets for the University.


  • Preserve and enhance heritage assets and enhance the context in which they reside such that they are prominent landmarks for the University and community.
  • Opportunities to showcase campus heritage

    Integrate heritage assets in a way that celebrates and commemorates the past and complements the current and future contexts.

  • The design, orientation, and placement of new buildings must respectfully transition to and compliment heritage buildings.
  • Consider all new buildings as significant heritage assets for future generations. Therefore, the design of new buildings should represent “expressions of their own time,” reflecting quality, sustainability, and innovation that will be appreciated by future generations and be representative of Brandon University’s identity over time.