The field of psychology helps us to understand:

  • How biology and genes influence behavior
  • How we learn, reason and solve problems
  • How we remember and why we forget
  • How our bodies and minds change over time
  • How stress affects us and why we must manage stress
  • How psychological problems arise and why therapies are valuable
  • Why people behave differently in groups compared to on their own

Programs and Courses

The Department of Psychology offers a 3-year, 4-year and 4-year Honours major program in psychology. These programs can be completed as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students may also complete a minor in psychology.

We also have a new Applied Psychology Stream for students interested in courses that the explore the applied component of our discipline..

We provide courses clustered into the following sub-domains within Psychology:

  • Individual Differences – Abnormal Psychology; Theories of Personality; Psychological Assessment
  • Social Psychology – Introduction to Social Psychology; Prejudice, Stereotyping & Discrimination; Motivation
  • Biological Psychology – Introduction to Biological Psychology; Biological Psychology; Perception
  • Information Processing – Classical & Instrumental Conditioning; Human Learning & Cognitive Psychology; Study of Memory
  • Developmental Psychology – Child Psychology; Adolescent Psychology; Psychology of Aging; Aging and Mental Health
  • Applied Psychology – Organization Psychology; Behavior Analysis, Psychology of Sport; Counselling; Environmental Psychology; Psychology of Health; Counselling Psychology; Psychosocial Factors in Health Care and Management of Illness

What Next?

Our Honours and 4-year programs lead to studies at the Master’s and/or Doctoral level.

In addition, many of our students progress to additional studies at professional schools including counseling, law, education, medical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, social work, psychiatric nursing, and business administration.

For questions, contact Psychology Department Chair, Dr. Shannon Gadbois (Gadbois@BrandonU.Ca)