Cyber Security Awareness Month — Part 3: Secure Connections For Working Remotely

Erica Brown (Learning & Organizational Development Program Manager) and Michael Leroy (Coordinator, Networks and Operations) discuss secure connections for working remotely in part three of the Cyber Security & Awareness Video Series.

Topics Discussed:

  • Ensure home WiFi is using WPA2
    • Set your own passwords for home equipment.
    • Reduce WiFi coverage if it extends beyond your property.
    • Enable a guest network if you have guests
  • Consider adding CIRA DNS settings on your home router or each device individually.
  • When using Public WiFi avoid doing anything sensitive and use VPN if possible.
    • Pay attention to your surroundings. People looking at your screen.
  • Look for secure sites and secure connections. (https)
  • Keep Antivirus, and device software up to date.
  • Use MFA for any of your services that support it.