Webmail Guide


How to use Webmail

As of August 2015, student email has been moved to Office 365. All messages will only be delivered to your Office 365 account.

Table of Contents

  1. Opening Webmail
  2. Setting up Office 365
  3. Setting up Forwarding
  4. Getting messages through your Phone
  5. Logging Out of Webmail

1. Opening Webmail


  • Double Click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.
  • Go to the BU home page (www.brandonu.ca) and click on the Webmail link in the upper right corner of the page
  • Enter your BU login username and password in the appropriate fields, click OK

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2. Setting up Office 365


To set up your office 365 access:

  • In the upper left click “Office 365”.
  • On the right click “Install Office apps”
  • When prompted, click the link titled “Start ->”
  • When prompted, uncheck the Bing and MSN boxes if you wish to keep your search and homepage settings, and click “Install Now” (optional) If you don’t wish to have the program installed, you can navigate back to mail.
  • Step2
  • The office 365 install file will be downloaded, open and run it:
  • Step3 Step4
  • On the following screen click “Next”
  • Choose “Use recommended settings and click “Accept”
  • Click “Next” again
  • Choose a theme if you wish, and click “Next”
  • If you would like a quick tour of Office 365 choose “Take a look”, otherwise choose “No, thanks”
  • Office 365 will finish set up and return you to the Office 365 home page
  • To navigate to your mail from this page choose the Menu button in the upper left, and select “Outlook” from the menu that opens up

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3. Setting up forwarding


While in webmail:

  • Open the gear menu in the upper right and select “Mail” from the popup menu
  • In the options menu select “Forwarding”
  • Check the box that reads “start forwarding”
  • Enter the email address to forward messages to
  • If you want to keep a copy of emails in your BU email inbox as well check the box that reads “Keep a copy of forwarded messages”
  • Click “Save”.
  • Forwarding - 2


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4. Getting messages through your Phone

For connecting with an Activesync/Exchange connection enter the following information:

  • Connection type: Exchange or activesync
  • Server: outlook.office365.com
  • use SSL
  • Domain\Username: \yourUsername@brandonu.ca
  • or on iphone leave the domain empty, and enter your username (email address) and password

Devices that support Modern Authentication:

  • Outlook 2013 and newer
  • iOS 11 and newer
  • Outlook for Mac 2016 and newer
  • Gmail app on Android

If you are using an unsupported mobile device install the Outlook Mobile App

Here are some links for you to find out what versions of software you are running:

If you have a problem getting your email setup as an activesync connection you can still use POP or IMAP to connect. Follow the steps below.

While in webmail:

  • Open the gear menu in the upper right and select “Mail” from the popup menu
  • Select “Pop and IMAP” from the options menu
  • The settings needed to connect your phone and other devices through POP, IMAP, and Exchange/Activesync are displayed on this page.
  • Phone Access


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5. Logging out of Webmail

While in Webmail:

  • Click the person shaped button near the top right of the page.
  • Click on “Sign out”
  • Logout

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