These are the instructions for configuring to the Staff-BU wireless connection.

On most devices simply choose the Staff-BU wireless network to connect, then it will prompt you for your username and password. (note that this won’t work if your password has expired)

For some Windows devices, you will need to configure some settings for Staff-BU before it will allow you to connect.

Windows 8 & 10 instructions:

Windows 8 and 10 should work fine without additional settings. If you can’t get connected, try to tell your system to “Forget the Staff-BU network” and then try again.

Windows Vista/7 instructions:

To Configure Automatically

  1. Download and open this Staff-BU setup file. Or this one:
  2. Install and run the utility
  3. Enter your email and password then click start to connect to the Staff-BU network
    • Remember to Enter your username and your password
    • You may uninstall the utility after you get connected

To Configure Manually

  1. Click on the Network Icon at the bottom right corner and choose: Open Network and Sharing Centre
  2. Click on Set up a connection or network
  3. Select “Manually connect to a wireless network” and click: next
    • Network Name: Staff-BU
    • Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption Type: AES
  4. Click: Next
  5. Click: Change connection settings
  6. Click on the Security Tab
  7. Choose a network authentication method: Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  8. Click on Settings
  9. Select all of the check-marks as specified, then click on the Security tab
  10. Click on the Settings button
    • Ensure there is NO check-mark in the box beside: Validate server certificate
    • Under Select Authentication Method choose: Secure password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
  11. Click: Configure
    • Remove the check-mark from Automatically use my Windows logon name and password
  12. Click: OK
  13. Click on OK again to bring you back to the Security Tab on the Staff-BU Wireless Network Properties dialog
  14. Click on Advanced Settings
    • Put a check mark in Specify authentication mode
    • Choose User authentication from the drop down menu
  15. Click: OK
  16. Click OK to close the Wireless Network Properties
  17. You should get a bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the screen:
    • Enter your BU email address or username, and your password

You should now be connected. If not, then choose the Staff-BU wireless network and pick connect.