Employee Onboarding @ BU

Brandon University recognizes the importance of supporting the success and integration of new employees (or newly promoted employees) into their roles and the University community, with a particular emphasis on their first months in their new role.  The successful onboarding of an employee is dependent on the shared efforts of the hiring manager, Human Resources, the employee, and often an identified onboarding partner.

The focus of the onboarding process includes:

  • Creating a positive new hire experience for both the employee and University
  • Affirmation of the employee’s right choice in job and workplace
  • Aligning the new employee with the institutional goals and plans
  • Defining responsibilities and expectations
  • Accelerating the time it takes for the new employee to become productive
  • Long-term relationship building

The Human Resources Office provides a number of guides and checklists that support the onboarding process at Brandon University.