Participating in the recruitment of new colleagues can be a rewarding and enriching experience.  We want to help you make the best hiring choices for your department and for Brandon University.

Human Resources has created A Guide to Faculty Recruiting  to assist you in this process.  The guide offers advice ranging from determining job criteria to job postings, and from shortlisting candidates appropriately to interviewing candidates successfully.    While this guide contains valuable information regarding the areas of protected Human Rights, the duty to accommodate, and the privacy rights of candidates, it is offered as a tool to assist you in your faculty searches.  It is not intended to be the only resource for you to use, but it has been tailored to Brandon University.

We have also provided some quick reference sheets for you as you move along the recruitment process.

At any time, should you need further information or simply have questions about hiring, please contact the Human Resources office at (204) 727-9782 or

Good luck to you as you hire the best and the brightest!

A Guide to Faculty Recruiting

Quick Reference: Faculty Vacancy Recruitment Process

Quick Reference: Recruiting Checklist

Quick Reference: Key Points to Remember

Quick Reference: Recruitment Guide Training Handouts

Outreach Sources

Employee Onboarding

Recruitment Guide training workshops were recently held for faculty, staff and administrators.  Feedback has been positive and supportive of the Recruitment Guide and the accompanying training.  Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

“Erica Brown’s training session, “A Guide to Faculty Recruitment @ BU,” was excellent.  It was practical, thought-provoking, detailed, engaging, and fun.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who will be serving on a selection committee.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable session delivered by a gifted presenter.”
– Greg Gatien, Dean, School of Music

“The Guide to Faculty Recruitment @BU training provides a space to ask questions, learn about tools available to committees, and offers practical suggestions for running an effective and fair hiring process. Quite honestly, this is the best training opportunity I have ever attended at BU.”
Joan Garbutt, Learning Skills Specialist, Student Services

“The Guide to Faculty Recruitment @ BU training  was very informative. We also had an opportunity for discussion around best practices and were able to learn from the other participants’ experiences. I would recommend this training for anyone serving on a selection committee.”
Christina Behme, Department of Philosophy

“I found the workshop for A Guide to Faculty Recuitment @ BU very helpful as I was serving on a hiring committee for the first time at BU. I left the workshop with a strong working knowledge of best practices for hiring new faculty and the resources to learn more. The discussion in the workshop on scenarios was particularly useful and I felt empowered in my role as a hiring committee member. Thank you!”
Emily J. Holland, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

 We encourage anyone who is interested in sitting on a selection committee or is asked to sit on a selection committee to consider attending the workshop training.  Contact Erica Brown, Learning and Development Officer for further information.