Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

This committee provides one means of communication between students and faculty regarding our Graduate program. Members of this committee meet a few times per year to discuss issues of relevance to students and provide feedback on the program. The structure of the committee allows for one representative from each stream of our graduate program, plus a representative for international students, faculty members, and the Graduate Studies Chair.

The following are the members for the 2022-2023 academic year on GSAC, as of January 2023:

Name Representing
Katelyn Jardine Curriculum & Pedagogy Student Rep
Fritzgerald Villaneuva Inclusive Education Student Rep
Shannon Fullerton Guidance & Counselling Student Rep
Jody-Kay Thompson International M.Ed. Student Rep (Educational Administration)
Simone Miranda International M.Ed. Student Rep (Educational Administration)
Dr. Zahra Kasamali Faculty of Education: Graduate Rep
Ms Jill Morris Faculty of Education: Graduate Rep
Dr. Cathryn Smith Chair of Graduate Program & GEC (Graduate Education Committee)

Should you wish to reach any of the above members, please contact the Graduate Studies Office for assistance with their email address/contact information at: