Admission and Application Procedures

Note: the application portal is now closed for this year and shall reopen as of October 1, 2023.

At the present time, there is a 2-step process for all “New” students who are applying to Brandon University (with 2 applications and 2 application fees), and a 1-step process for any “Returning” to Brandon University students who are applying to our Master of Education Program.   

Review our Full Information Package to help guide you through the application process.

Attention “New” to Brandon University applicants (1st of 2 applications).

For those applicants who are “New” to Brandon University applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the 1st online application to Central Admissions well in advance of their March 1st deadline, and are also advised to pre-order and arrange to ship your original transcripts directly to their office as soon as possible.  If the completed application and transcript(s) are received by March 1st, and you meet their general admission requirements, your student number will be cleared to proceed, and you will receive an email from their office with further instructions about accessing the online Master of Education application.  All required supporting documents must then be uploaded to the online Master of Education application by our annual deadline of March 15th. 

Attention “Returning” to Brandon University applicants:

For those applicants who have completed a degree here, and are “Returning” to Brandon University, you may submit your online Master of Education application and upload the required supporting documents directly by the March 15th Master of Education application & documents deadline. If you experience difficulty accessing the system using your BU previous user ID and student number, please contact our office for assistance at: . Only “completed” Master of Education applications will then move forward for consideration. Applicants will be notified via email of the final decision of the Graduate Education Admissions Committee by the end of April.

    Attention “All” applicants:

    As part of the Master of Education application, two letters of reference are required, that attest to the candidate’s ability to pursue graduate studies (one academic reference, one supervisor reference).  To initiate this process, please forward via email as soon as possible, but no later than March 1st,  the names and email addresses of your confirmed referees to: .  Please include in the email, your full name, area of specialization, and 6-digit student number (if assigned).  Our Graduate Studies Office will then forward the confidential reference form directly to each named referee to complete and return via email.  Directions: click here

    Master of Education Application Fee: $100.00 CDN.  This fee must be paid at time of application.   Note: this fee is in addition to the Central Admissions Office application fee, where applicable.

    International Applicants, please note:  Completion of our Master of Education program does not certify one to teach in Manitoba, Canada. For direction on the requirements for teaching certification in Manitoba, please visit the website below, as this is something you will want to do well in advance of applying to Brandon University:

    Guidance & Counselling “International” Applicants, please note: In order to be eligible to apply to the Master of Education in Guidance & Counselling program, one must already be certified by the province of Manitoba, to teach in Manitoba schools, in order to fulfil the requirements of the Master of Education in Guidance & Counselling program.   Please refer to the above link for information on provincial certification.

    Requirement for Internationally Educated Teachers (as per the MB Certification Unit):
    Effective July 1, 2016, Internationally Educated Applicants applying for a teaching certificate in Manitoba must first obtain an assessment of their academic credentials from World Education Services (WES). Please refer to WES Assessment of Academic Credentials for more information.

    Admission Requirements Master of Education
    Bachelor of Education Degree * (degree must be conferred at time of application)
    Minimum G.P.A. (grade point average)
    Valid teaching certificate
    Two years teaching experience (this must be from the employer, on letterhead, confirming dates employed and details of position held)
    Two letters of reference, attesting to candidate’s ability to pursue graduate studies (one academic reference, one supervisor reference). Candidates should provide the names of referees who can provide descriptive comments regarding the candidate’s suitability for the selected Program Stream
    Competence in spoken and written English. Written English competence will be measured by a sample of written work and a statement of interest (as below)
    International students
    (click here for the English Proficiency Requirements)
    Pre-Admission Statement of Interest and Sample of Written Work: For directions: “click here” Yes

    Resumé or Curriculum Vitae (CV):

    Applicants may consider using an online resume formatting tool such as:

    How It Works – Resume Now (

    Video/podcast presentation: include a link to video or podcast within Résumé or CV Optional

    * Only in exceptional circumstances will students without a B. Ed. degree be considered for admission. Applicants with a relevant undergraduate degree and professional experience may apply.

    Pleaseclick here for a list of the supporting documents to be uploaded to the Master of Education application online. The letters of reference will be uploaded by the Graduate Studies Office upon receipt from each referee.

    Only completed Master of Education applications as of the March 15th annual deadline will be considered for admission.

    All Master of Education applicants, who are fully admitted, shall commence their program via the course route.  Once 15 credit hours (including the 2 core courses: 07.752 and 07.714) have been successfully completed, the student, in consultation with the Graduate Studies Chair, may then apply for thesis route consideration, in compliance with the M.Ed. Thesis Protocol.