Graduate Education Committee (G.E.C.)

The Graduate Education Committee meets once per month to discuss program and policy matters, including the following areas:

  • Student admissions
  • Student appeals
  • Student scholarship recommendations
  • Graduate calendar changes
  • Approval of new course offerings
  • Approval of sessional instructors
  • Cohort program delivery
  • BU CARES activities
  • Senate Graduate Studies Committee

2020-2021 G.E.C. Committee Members

Dr. Cathryn Smith
Graduate Studies Chair 727-7380
Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
Leadership & Ed Admin Rep. 571-8576
Dr. Tim Skuce
Curriculum & Pedagogy Rep. 727-7304
Dr. Michelle Lam
Director, BU CARES 727-7331
Dr. Breanna Lawrence
Guidance & Counselling Rep. 727-9698
Dr. Chris Brown Inclusive Education Rep. 727-9614
Dr. Heather Duncan Dean 727-9656
Mrs. Ina Schumacher Recorder 727-7406