Brandon University School of Music offers two undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Music, and the concurrent Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Education. All students registered in the Bachelor of Music degree follow a common program for the first year. At the end of the first year, the choice is made as to the specific major to be pursued:

Bachelor of Music

  • General Music Major: A flexible program, allowing a variety of options. Students may choose between extra emphasis in such areas as arts and science, music theory, music history, or composition.
  • Performance Major: The Performance Major is available in piano, voice, strings, guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion, percussion/drumset, and jazz. Students in this program prepare for careers as professional performers or as private teachers. Admission to this Major is available by audition after the completion of the common first year.
  • Specialist in Music Teaching and Learning Major: A four-year degree program available to students who achieve high academic standing (3.00 in their first year of study) and wish to pursue certification through a Bachelor of Education (After Degree) after the their Bachelor of Music degree. Upon completion of this six-year program of studies (four plus two years), graduates earn a Manitoba Class 6 Permanent Teacher’s Certificate.

Bachelor of Music

  • Major in School Music/Bachelor of Education (After Degree): This degree is a five-year sequence of courses – the Concurrent Music Education program. This program is designed to cultivate student’s musical skills while simultaneously developing their understanding of the processes, theories and philosophies of teaching music. After the common first year, students follow one of three streams: elementary, choral, or instrumental. Graduates of this program earn a Manitoba Class-Five Permanent Teacher’s Certificate.

In the case of Music Education, a further choice may be made at the end of the second year of study, providing that academic qualifications have been met, to enter the four year Specialist degree, B.Mus (Specialist in Music Ed.), rather than the integrated five-year B.Mus (Major in Mus. Ed.)/B.Ed.(AD). The Specialist program would require a further two-year Certification program before the graduate would be able to teach in the public school system.

Common 1st year course selections:

Course Course Name Cr Hrs
** Courses other than Music. † 6
65:100/101 Applied Concentration 3/3
64:130/131 Music History Survey I/II 3/3
65:117/118 B Concert Choir or Chorale* 1.5/1.5
65:117/118 D – H Ensemble (Jazz, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Piano)** 1.5/1.5
64:180/181 Foundations Tonal Melody/Harmony/Diatonic Harmony *** 3/3
64:182/183 Aural and Keyboard Skills I/II 1.5/1.5
Total: 33

† Voice students should see language requirements in Applied, Music Education, and General degree programs.

*All students must register for Concert Choir Ensembles (65:117 and 65:118 Ensemble (Concert Choir) in term 1 and term 2). Voice audition placements will take place the first week of classes.  Once auditions are complete, students will be notified of their choral ensemble assignment (Concert choir or Chorale).  Students who switch from Concert Choir to Chorale can make this change online in September.

**Voice students register for 65:187/188 Diction for Singers I/II as their 2nd ensemble.

** Students considering Music Education should seek advice on appropriate course choices in courses other than music.

*** Because of recent changes to how we deliver our Theory curriculum, students will take 64:181 Diatonic Harmony in the Fall of their second year.