Music Scholarships


Entrance Scholarships

For more information on scholarships consult the general calendar.

There are two types of Entrance Scholarships for which students applying to the School of Music may be eligible: those available only to Music students, and those open to students in all faculties of the university.

All applicants for admission to the School of Music are automatically considered for School of Music scholarships. There is a wide variety of these scholarships available. While some are for general excellence, many pertain to students in a particular area of study, i.e., strings, voice, etc. A student may be awarded more than one scholarship. Awards to entering students are based upon musical ability and potential as demonstrated in an entrance audition, and through supporting materials submitted with the admission application.

Scholarships open to students of all faculties are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, and may be given in addition to the School of Music awards. Applications for these scholarships must be submitted before May 1, along with an Admissions Application and academic transcripts. Students applying to the School of Music are strongly urged to apply for those scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Bursaries and Assistantships

For more information on bursaries please check the BU Course Calendar.

Bursaries are generally not large awards, and are granted on the basis of financial need as well as academic/musical achievement. Applications, available from the Awards Office, must be submitted before May 1. Application forms for separate School of Music Bursaries are available from the Administrative Assistant to the School of Music.

Assistantships are granted on the basis of faculty and Scholarship Committee recommendations. They are in payment for a variety of duties, from accompanying and orchestral performance to stage managing and marking papers. An assistantship related to a particular area of a student’s expertise and academic program may be considered as a part of the student’s total financial aid. Information on available assistantships may be obtained from the Administrative Assistant to the School of Music. Applications should be made to the Chairman of the School of Music Scholarship Committee.