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Examining the Aurora Project’s Support Model for Immigrant Entrepreneurs Starting a Business
Alexandra MacKay Brown; Ashton (Bill), William; Cora Dupuis; Georgette Nyankson; Ruth MealyMay 2021
Look North Indigenous Economy Report
Ashton (Bill), William; Coueslan, Aimee; Flett, ClydeApril 2019
Indigenous Contributions to the Manitoba Economy
Ashton (Bill), William; Coueslan, Aimee; Flett, Clyde; Jimenez, GabrielaJanuary 2019
Dynamics of Rural & Northern Manitoba
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Bryant, Ariel; McNeely, Gary; Wrathall, MeghanFebruary 2018
New Working Paper Series on Rural Regions
Ashton (Bill), William; Galatsanou, Eleni; Patterson, LonnieDecember 2016
RDI Research Activities Update – Fall 2016
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2016
Research Brief: State of Rural Information and Communication Technologies in Manitoba
Kelly, Wayne; Scott McColloughSeptember 2016
The New Rural… is Regional?
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneSeptember 2015
Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: Six Communities Case Study
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Patterson, Lonnie; Zarry, XantheMay 2015
Dirt Roads and Highways:Reforming Municipal Governance and Government in Alberta
Finseth, Naomi; Hallström, Lars K.February 2015
Manitoba’s amalgamated rural regions: a step forward?
Ashton (Bill), WilliamDecember 2014
Changing paradigms for rural Manitoba
Hallström, Lars K.November 2014
Rural Works: A Rural Policy Think Tank Event
Ashton (Bill), WilliamNovember 2014
Rural Works: Action
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2014
Exploring Community Resilience
Wilding, NickFebruary 2014
Public Policy and Implementation in Canada – Rethinking the implementation gap
Hallström, Lars K.November 2013
ICRPS 2013 Report
Ashton (Bill), William; Lovell, John (Jack); Nabisere, Immaculate; Rural Development InstituteSeptember 2013
Sustainable Rural Community Development: A Comparative Study of Canada and Australia
Martin, JohnMarch 2013
Ashton (Bill), William; Bollman, Ray D.; Kelly, WayneMarch 2013
Tools for Building Communities: Choice Matrix
Grills, MathewOctober 2012
Planningfor Thriving Local Environments
Caldwell, WayneFebruary 2012
Municipal Planning for Climate Adaptation
February 2012
The Subdivision Process: MAFRI
February 2012
The Subdivision Process: Understanding Provincial Interests
Mitchell, LesFebruary 2012
CED Choice Matrix: A Path Finding Tool
Kelly, Wayne; McNeely, GaryFebruary 2012
Practice & theory-building: examining an age-friendly guide
Ashton (Bill), WilliamFebruary 2012
CED Choice Matrix: A path finding tool
Kelly, Wayne; McNeely, Gary; Rural Development InstituteFebruary 2012
Planning for Thriving Local Environments
Caldwell, WayneJanuary 2012
Rural Canada; Making A Difference
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneOctober 2011
The imperative of Civil Justice in Boom-Bust Communities
Anderson, TravisMay 2011
Emerging Trends in Philanthropy: Asset Utilization in Rural Communities
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneMarch 2011
Rural-Urban Fringe in Canada: Conflict and Controversy
Beesley, KennethNovember 2010
Geographic Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change
Koster, Rhonda; Ramsey, Doug; Robinson, Guy M.; Winchell, Dick G.November 2010
Rural Development InstituteNovember 2010
Exploring Regionalism in the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland
Gibson, RyanOctober 2010
Identifying and removing barriers to the implementation of socioeconomic plans in central Newfoundland
Daniels, Jen; Noble, Tanya; Vodden, KellyOctober 2010
The University-Community Partnership: Benefits of a Rural Ontario Land Use Planning Project
Fullerton, ChristopherOctober 2010
Community Foundations Innovative Vehicles for Rural Development
Gibson, RyanMay 2010
Transfer of Wealth: Motivations and Important Lessons for Canada from the United States
Shanghvi, IanMay 2009
Understanding Manitoba’s Community Foundations
Annis, Robert; Gibson, RyanApril 2009
Yukon Regional Roundtable
Annis, Robert; Beattie, MarianNovember 2008
Comparative Rural Policy Initiatives; The Canadian Perspective
Annis, Robert; Bollman, Ray D.; Bruno, Jean; Gibson, Ryan; Pack, DarellNovember 2008
Community Collaboration Story 2008; A CCP Model Project
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Rural Development InstituteNovember 2008
Annis, Robert; Gibson, RyanOctober 2008
The Role of Key Institutions that Successfully Facilitate Rural Revitalization
Annis, RobertOctober 2008
Yukon Regional Round Table
Wirth, WesJuly 2008
Water Wolf: A New Regional Framework for a New Rural Economy
July 2008
Rural Matters: Forging Healthy Canadian Communities
Wirth, WesJuly 2008
Boom Bust Communities Impact on Rural And Remote Communities
Annis, Robert; Gibson, Ryan; Rural Development InstituteJune 2008
The Community Collaboration Story; Community Collaboration Project 2002-2008
Annis, Robert; Beattie, MarianMay 2008
Rural Vitality – From Surviving to Thriving: An Eastern Ontario Perspective
Annis, RobertMay 2008
Community Collaboration; 2008 Capturing Opportunities Forum
Annis, Robert; McPherson, RussApril 2008
Exploring the Role of Rural Development Research Centers in Knowledge Translation, Mobilization and Community Engagement
Rural Development InstituteJanuary 2008
Creating Regional Partnerships in New and Different Ways
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Gibson, RyanOctober 2007
Manitoba’s Community Collaboration Project 1999-2004
July 2007
Community-Led Processes for Regional Collaboration
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Racher, FranJune 2007
Rural Development InstituteMay 2007
Gaining a rural Lens through Rural immersion experience
McDonald DanApril 2007
Community Collaboration Project: Empowering Communities and Building Capacity
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Gibson, RyanMarch 2007
CCP_ 2007_Community_Colaboration_ Project_Annual_Workshop Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteMarch 2007
Community Collaboration Project (CCP): Empowering Communities and Building Capacity
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteJanuary 2007
A Report on the Strengths and Challenges of Community Development
Annis, Robert; Bessant, KenJanuary 2007
ICRPS 2006 Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteOctober 2006
CCP_2006_Community_Colaboration_ Project_Annual_Workshop Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteMay 2006
Annis, RobertApril 2006
Empowering Communities & Building Capacity; 2005 Annual Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteJuly 2005
Picturing Rural Communities: Using Photovoice in Community Development
Annis, Robert; Dornian, Joy; Racher, FranJanuary 2005
Building for Success: Exploration of Rural Community and Rural Development
Halseth, Greg; Halseth, RegineJune 2004
The New Countryside, Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change
Beesley, Kenneth; Harrington, Lisa; Ilber, Brian; Millward, HughJune 2003
Institutional structures and rural policy development in Québec
Harvest Moon Presentation
Guiford, Robert
Recreation’s Role in Community Resiliency
Oncescu, Jaquelyn
Participatory Process and Rural Development: Lessons from a National Program
Dolan, Holly; Legere, Isabelle
Community Collaboration Model Project
Rural Development Institute
Dispute Resolution for Rural Policy Makers
Bayline Regional Roundtable Inc