Brandon University Animal Care Policies

Allergy Policy Regarding Laboratory Animals (revised October 2020)

Non-Compliance Policy & Procedures (new October 2020)

Policy for the Adoption of Animals used in Research and Teaching (updated June 2020)

Policy for Animal-Based Projects Involving Two or More Institutions (revised October 2020)

Policy on Alternative Housing of Experimental Animals (revised October 2020)

Policy on the Training of Personnel Working with Animals (revised June 2020)

Quality Assurance Policy (revised October 2020)

Scientific Merit and Pedagogical Merit Review Policy (revised October 2020)

Terms of Reference for the Brandon University Animal Care Committee (BUACC) (updated June 2020)

Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)

Please visit the CCAC website for a list of all policies and guidelines at:  https://ccac.ca