BURC Membership

Position Name Term
Chair:  AVP (Research) Dr. Heather Duncan


Faculty of Arts Representative Dr. Kurt Noll (Religion) September 2016 – August 2019
Faculty of Arts Representative Dr. Kelly Saunders October 2018 – September 2021
Faculty of Arts Alternate Dr. Barbara Rose (English & Creative Writing) September 2017 – August 2020
Faculty of Science Representative Dr. Vincent Chen (Chemistry) March 2017 – March 2010
Faculty of Science Representative Dr. Paul Alexandre (Geography) November 2017 – October 2020
Faculty of Science Alternate Dr. Nancy Newall (Psychology) February 2016 – January 2019
Faculty of Education Representative Dr. Burcu Ntelioglou July 2018 – June 2021
Faculty of Education Representative Dr. Scott Forbes September 2018 – August 2021
Faculty of Education Alternate Dr. Karen Rempel September 2018 – December 2018
School of Music Representative Mr. Jon-Tomas Godin (Honours) September 2016 – August 2019
School of Music Representative Dr. Sheelagh Chadwick (Joint Department of Music Education) September 2015 – August 2018
School of Music Alternate Ms. Kerry DuWors September 2018 – August 2021
Faculty of Health Studies Representatives Prof. Nora Ahmad (Nursing) April 2017 – March 2020
Faculty of Health Studies Representative Ms. Donna Epp September 2018 – August 2021
Faculty of Health Studies Alternate Ms. Nadine Henriquez September 2018 – August 2021
PA/IA/AA Representative Mr. Chris Hurst (Library) September 2016 – August 2019
PA/IA/AA Alternate Ms. Michelle Magnusson (Student Services) October 2016 – September 2019
President’s Appointee Dr. Bernadette Ardelli, Dean of Science July 2018 – June 2021
President’s Appointee Alternate Dr. Serena Petrella (Sociology) October 2018 – September 2021
Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Meir Serfaty, Acting Vice-President (A&P) N/A
Administrative Officer Ms. Kerry Murkin (Office of Research Services) N/A


Article 23: University Research Committee


All Brandon University-based research funds as well as General Research grants from NSERC/SSHRC earmarked for the support of research at Brandon University, with the exception of new externally generated funds targeted for specific research projects and/or research infrastructure enhancement, shall be administered by a Research Committee composed of:

  • two (2) members and one alternate elected by and from each of the Faculties of Arts, Science, Education, Health Studies, and Music;
  • one (1) member (BUFA member) and one alternate elected by and from among members in Student Services, Campus Manitoba, and the Library;
  • one (1) Dean/Director or Member and one alternate appointed by the President;
  • the Dean of Graduate Studies; and
  • the Vice-President (Academic & Provost) or designate, who shall serve as Chair.

Members and alternates shall be elected for a three-year term (faculties are encouraged to avoid appointed both of their members in the same year). In the event of a member of the Committee being on leave for six (6) months or more, he/she shall resign from the Committee and shall be replaced by the alternate, and a new alternate shall be elected. The relevant alternate shall serve as the replacement for a committee member who, by reason of other commitments, cannot attend a meeting or meetings, and shall assume the full rights of the member for the duration of the replacement period. If in the Committee’s judgment, the work of the Committee is suffering from a lack of participation, the Committee shall be empowered to remove members who have missed more than two (2) consecutive meetings and request a replacement from the area concerned.


The Committee shall establish its own procedures, and develop criteria for the administration of the funds which are just and equitable and consistent with the objective of nurturing and stimulating research and scholarship at Brandon University. The guidelines shall become a public document available to all applicants for Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) funding.


The BURC shall maintain records and deposit, in the Vice-President’s Office, copies of all proceedings, statements and correspondence related to the Committee’s policies and the awarding of grants. This material will be made available to BUFA upon request.


The Committee, or its designate, shall review the amount of salary which a member wishes to be recorded as a research grant while on sabbatical or special leave. Any such amount is subject to assessment by Revenue Canada. The Committee is not responsible in any way for the results of such assessment or any discrepancy between the amounts approved by the Committee and the amounts which may be approved by Revenue Canada.


Applicants whose applications are rejected by the BURC shall have recourse to an appeals procedure. Notice of an appeal must be submitted to the Char of the BURC no later than one (1) month after the applicant is notified of the decision. Within one (1) week of receiving notice of appeal, the Chair shall strike an Appeals Committee. Members of the Appeals Committee should be selected in light of research experience and expertise. The Committee will consist of:

  • one member appointed by BUFA;
  • one appointment by the President; and
  • a Chair chosen by the two (2) appointed members.

If the member appointed by BUFA, the member appointed by the President, or the Chair selected by the other two members, or any combination thereof, is subsequently unable to serve, then those members of the Appeals Committee that have already been chosen shall remain in place. The member(s) unable to serve shall be replaced by the same process as the appointment of the original member(s).

The Appeals Committee shall establish its own procedures taking into account the provisions of this Article and the published policies and procedures for grant applications of the Research Committee. Should the appeal be upheld, the appellant will either be given first priority for funding at the next competition or other appropriate remedies identified by the Appeals Committee.

The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding on all Parties. The Appeals Committee shall communicate its decision and its reasons in writing to the appellant and the Chair of BURC within one (1) month of hearing the appeal.