Students are committing to a lease agreement when accepting their room offer. Students who choose to withdraw will be held financially responsible.

Improper notification regarding the cancellation of your Residence Contract will in most cases result in incurring further Residence charges and/or penalties.

Messaging regarding room offers, reminders etc. is sent via email and it is the responsibility of the student to make sure they 1) are checking their email and 2) have updated the Residence Office with the most current contact information.

Residence Cancellations

You have declined your Room Assignment

Please provide our office written notice by emailing

You have not paid your $350 deposit by the deposit due date stated on the Room Assignment and/or have not signed your Room Assignment contract.

Without a deposit to hold the space or the Room Assignment signed, your application will be cancelled and your room will be given to the next person on the wait list. If you have paid via online banking, PayMyTuition or Plastiq there may be a delay in your funds reaching your student account. Please contact our office at with a receipt of payment, for confirmation, to avoid cancellation.

You have accepted your Room Assignment but you have not checked in

The Residence Office will try to connect with you prior to cancellation however, failure to notify our office of any changes in your check-in date may result in the cancellation of your application. The $350 deposit is non-refundable after the date specified on your room assignment.

You have already moved into Residence but now would like to move off campus

All students must fill out a ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ form, found at the Ancillary Services Office.

If you have dropped your courses, you will need to provide a copy of your Tuition Statement to the Residence Office. You will be assessed a $500 penalty and charged until the last day in Residence.

If you will still be a studying student, you will be assessed a $500 penalty and charged until the end of the term, provided you give proper notification to our office before December 1. Students who fail to give proper notification before December 1, will be charged for the full academic year without further penalties.

Hotel BU Cancellations

See the Hotel BU Terms and Conditions for its cancellation policy.

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