Parents and Families

Staying Connected

During this time of transition for your student, we highly encourage you to keep in contact with them to see how they are doing; however, Brandon University Residence cannot contact the student on your behalf, nor can we discuss details about a student without direct consent due to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation. Therefore, it’s very important that you discuss with your student how and how often you want to communicate with them throughout their stay in residence while respecting their schedule. The student can submit a Release of Information form via their eRezLife Portal to allow an individual or organization access to their information.

As a parent, family member, or guardian, your support for your student adds tremendous value and increases their chance of academic and personal success here at Brandon University. We encourage discussions between you and your student about:

  • Personal safety
  • Budgeting and expenses
  • Encouraging your student to ask questions to develop independence and enhance decision making skills

Supporting Your Student

It’s also important to remember, as your student goes through the many challenges of being a university student, to be calm and reassuring to your student throughout their time at Brandon University; these challenges are normal and your student can overcome them with grit, determination, and by having the support of their loved ones. Also note that a drop in grades is normal through this transition as well, so encourage your student to seek academic support.

Safety and Security

As a housing institution, Brandon University Residence makes every reasonable effort to ensure the safety and security of all those who reside in our buildings, including:

  • Secure access to our residence buildings
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Emergency Alert – Intercom System
  • Campus guards
  • Residence Assistants