Erin Froese

Erin Froese

What education have you taken?

I grew up in Roland, MB and graduated from Carman Collegiate. I am in currently my third year of university taking a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology anda minor in chemistry.

Tell me about yourself.

Throughout high school I was involved in band, badminton, volleyball, cheerleading,baseball, and the Teen Volunteer Program atmy local hospital.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I became interested in the biological sciences because I had decided at a young age that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up and I thought that a background in biology and chemistry would provide a solid foundation for the knowledge one gains in medical school. The biological sciences also offer a wide variety of interesting disciplines and careers that I could pursue if I decide to change my career path.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Some accomplishments that I am particularly proud of are my Governor General’s medal which I received when I graduated from high school as well as my involvement in CareerTrek, an educational program for young people.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future I would like to attend and graduate from medical school and/or spend some time traveling. In my spare time I enjoy playing badminton and the piano.

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life has not yet been decided but I do agree with Chuck Swindoll’s belief that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Nominator’s commendation:

“Erin is a lovely young woman. She is a quiet student who does well working on her own. She is a doer, who is involved in student organizations on campus.