Megan Forrester

Megan Forrester

What education have you taken?

My name is Megan Forrester and I will be graduating from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Nursing degree this May. I began my education at BU immediately after finishing high school in the small town of Oungre, Saskatchewan. I chose Brandon because it was a small university and not too far from home. Leaving my family and my farm was difficult initially, but during my five years in Brandon I have discovered a whole new community, thanks in large part to my involvement at the university.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I had a desire to be involved in my campus community immediately and began in the BU Student Leader Program my first year. I volunteered as a student leader for one year and decided I wanted to devote more to the program. I have been a Student Leader Coordinator since then. As such, I recruit and train new student leaders, plan new student activities such as Prospect and Orientation, and volunteer at various university functions. I believe the Student Leader Program at BU is one of the aspects that make us so special; new students are given support and mentoring from the moment they begin here and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that process. I especially enjoy talking with students whom I met, unsure and afraid, on their first day, and finding them fitting in just the same way I do at BU.

My other passion at Brandon University is residence. I lived in Flora Cowan Hall my first four years at BU and miss it every day of this, my fifth, year. I believe that living in residence was what got me involved in campus life and allowed me to meet most of my friends. I loved being in the middle of all the action on campus and especially not having to go outside on days when I had class in the Brodie Building! In my fourth, and last, year in residence, I was hired as the Residence Assistant (RA) in Flora Cowan. I had the privilege of living with over 100 amazing young women and to help make their lives in residence easier. I was there as a friend, mentor, and confidant for all ‘my girls’ and still keep in touch with most of them. I worked with six other RA’s to look after BU’s residence halls and gained very valuable experience that I can carry through my life.

Another aspect of my involvement at Brandon University has been my three years as a Student Ambassador. I work for the Admissions Office to recruit students to BU. I provide tours and do presentations in high schools promoting my university. I work with a group of great people and enjoy the job very much. It’s not difficult to promote something you love so much!

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I started in a Bachelor of Science degree at BU, but decided to change to nursing in my second year. I had originally been taking pre-med classes, but I realized that what I wanted to be doing was the bedside care. I am so happy with my choice! I enjoy people and love that nursing allows me to meet so many. I also love helping people, which is really at the heart of nursing. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into my degree, but it’s all been worth it. I’m incredibly excited to be graduating this spring and beginning my career.

I am approaching another period of life transitions and daunting as they may be, they are also exciting. I am busy in my senior practicum on Orthopedic Surgery at the Brandon Regional Health Centre and studying for my RN exam. I’m working with my home health region in Saskatchewan to gain employment after graduation as well. On top of all this, I’m getting married in July! My fiancé is currently attending Indiana University and taking Optometry. He was actually the first person I met in class at BU and we became fast friends. We’ve been together for over two years now. He’s been my best supporter through my university career, as well as my best friend!

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life is to make the most of every moment. I just strive to be happy in whatever I do. The way I see it, life’s too short to be unhappy. I want to be able to look back on my life and say, ‘I’m proud of that.’

Where do you see yourself in the future?

As I move on to my future beyond Brandon University, I see myself nursing with love and passion for many more years. I will be working in Saskatchewan until my fiancé graduates in 2012. After that, we plan to settle back in Manitoba and live long, joyful, and healthy years together.

The experiences I’ve gained and the people I’ve met at Brandon University will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel fortunate to have had the privilege to attend such a great institution.

Nominator’s commendation:

“Megan has been dedicated to the BU community for as long as I have known her. She is a role model for others in her program and a willing volunteer. She has participated in the student leader program for Orientation and for Prospect for many years and is always among the smiling faces at the nursing student bake sales. Her positive attitude and genuine compassion make her a joy to work with and to be around. She’ll be an asset to whatever organization she joins after she graduates this spring.”