A Collaborative Engagement Process

Community consultation included selected stakeholders and wide-ranging open houses.

The Plan was developed through a highly inclusive and collaborative process that was structured around engagement events that advanced the analysis, planning, and conceptual design laid out in this Plan.

The Engagement Process

The evolution of the Plan’s design and supportive frameworks were pushed forward through a series of engagement events held throughout the process including one-on-one stakeholder interviews, table workshop discussions, pop-up events located throughout the campus, targeted meetings with key stakeholders, and public open houses as a broader outreach to the community. This process was designed to create a Plan that will meet a diversity of stakeholder’s needs. These are stakeholders that will be influenced by, will benefit from, and will continue to play a key role in, the growth and development of the University now, and into the future.

Stakeholders that have been integral to the conversation and will continue to be include: BU students, staff, faculty, and alumni; City of Brandon staff; the Brandon Chamber of Commerce; representatives from the Indigenous Community including students, alumni, residents, and elders; representatives from Southwest Manitoba School Division and Assiniboine College; potential business partners; and, surrounding neighbours and community members.

The following provides an overview of the engagement process.

Stakeholder Interviews

September–October 2016

Throughout all consultation event stages, various key stakeholders were invited to meet the project team and participate in informal interviews. The interviews consisted of 1-hour sessions where participants voiced their issues and challenges from their varying perspectives. They provided opportunities and ideas toward defining a new future for the Brandon University Campus.

In addition, some participants provided supportive information and materials including current and proposed initiatives, ideas and background documents.

Stakeholders in attendance included:

  • BU students, faculty, and staff
  • BU senior management
  • Indigenous peoples, including current students and alumni
  • City of Brandon staff
  • Brandon Chamber of Commerce
  • Southwest Manitoba School Division Superintendents
  • Assiniboine Community College representatives

Pop-up Open House & Workshop #1

September 16, 2016

The Pop-up Open House and Workshop in September 2016 marked the start of the public consultation process. Based on a “fresh eyes” analysis of Brandon University, the consultant team brought forward a series of development themes to gauge the priorities that the BU community identified for the Campus.

From these responses, emerging themes and a draft Vision and Planning Principles were established.

Rotating Pop-up Open Houses

September–October 2016

Starting on September 16, 2016, a rotating series of Pop-up Open Houses were set up at several locations around the Campus to showcase the consultant team’s “fresh eyes” analysis. The Pop-up Open Houses included a number of interactive display panels that invited comments from participants. These open houses were held at:

  • Dr. James and Lucille Brown Health Studies Complex
  • Education Building
  • Queen Elizabeth II Music Building
  • Harvest Hall
  • Knowles Douglas Student Union Building
  • Physical Plant Building
  • John R. Brodie Science Centre
  • John E. Robbins Library
  • Healthy Living Centre (homecoming weekend)

Pop-up Event, Public Open House, and Workshop #2

November 28–29, 2016

At the second Pop-up Event, Workshop, and Public Open House, the consultant team met with the University faculty and staff, community stakeholders and the public to present a draft Vision and draft Planning Principles based on ideas generated in the first phase. Participants were also encouraged to provide their feedback on the draft Plan. The three engagement events provided robust feedback was used to inform the next stage of the Plan’s development.

Pop-up Event at the Winnipeg Campus

November 28, 2016

A Pop-up Open House was also held on November 28th at BU’s Winnipeg campus, which is home to its Psychiatric Nursing Faculty. The draft Vision and Planning Principles were presented. Faculty and staff also met with the consultant team and provided a tour of the facilities and faculty space and feedback on their spacial, academic, and amenity needs.

Indigenous Community Feast & Discussion

November 28, 2016

On November 28, 2016, members of the Indigenous Community, including current students and alumni, were invited to meet with the project team for dinner and a discussion on their needs, aspirations, and concerns as they relate to the Plan. During the meeting the draft Plan’s Vision, Planning Principles, and Concept Plan were presented for comment. Stakeholders in attendance included representatives from:

  • BU senior management
  • BU students
  • Brandon Community Elders
  • City of Brandon staff
  • General community members

Public Open House and Workshop #3

March 9, 2017

During this third workshop, the consultant team met with key stakeholders, including BU faculty and staff, City of Brandon staff, and the general public, to continue the conversation on the draft Plan and to start a new discussion on the BU Downtown campus initiative. The Public Open House followed the workshop, which provided a public forum for comments on the content as well as the results of the workshop. All stakeholders were invited to participate in the Open House Event, and listen to what the public had to say about the Plan and the BU Downtown campus initiative.