Planning Context

Excerpt of City of Brandon Zoning By-law No. 7124 Schedule B - Map 2

The City’s planning policies provide the University with considerable flexibility in planning for and developing the Campus. It provides guidance for expansion beyond its current boundaries; supports opportunities for diversifying uses; and, provides opportunities for additional height.

City of Brandon Zoning By-Law

The campus is zoned as Educational and Institutional (EI) land under the Brandon Zoning By-law, which permits a broad range of uses in addition to its principal use as a university. Under the by-law, there is no height limit in storeys for educational uses, which includes dormitories, food services, athletic facilities, and recreation, as well as research facilities. Other permitted uses on the campus are subject to a limit of 5 storeys. Where educational buildings are adjacent to a street, however, their height shall not exceed the sum of the required yard and the width of the street.

The height permissions in the by-law dictate what the University can do in terms of as-of-right development that complies with all applicable zoning regulations. Permission can be sought from the City for permitted deviations from the Zoning by-law to permit additional height, reduce setbacks, alter parking requirements etc., provided such changes can be supported with a rationale.

Brandon Area Development Plan

The Brandon Area Development Plan (BADP, 2015) outlines policies to shape development. The BADP contains policy direction that supports higher density development on the Campus, provided it is compatible with adjacent land uses.

The following are key policies from the Brandon Area Development Plan that impact Brandon University:

  • Major institutions, such as Brandon University, may be permitted a high density of development, provided it is compatible with adjacent land uses.