Cycling Circulation

Precedent: Pavement markings to show shared road condition

As Brandon University moves towards a multi-modal movement strategy, cycling will become an increasingly dominant mode of transportation, especially now that the Fleming School Site and the BU Downtown Campus has been established.

Schedule 20: Bicycle Circulation

Cycling becomes more of an attractive and economical option for students living in the surrounding community as more services and amenities are provided on the Campus. Students can rely less on having to use a vehicle to go distances to shop, buy groceries, or go to an eating establishment as these services are now within walking and cycling distances to the neighbourhoods and the downtown.

The Movement Framework designs for safe cycling circulation along the pedestrian circulation routes, as well as the campus streets. Shared bike markings and signage provide clarity in movement between the integrated modes of transportation. In addition, new cycling amenities such as heated shelters and bike repair stations are recommended on campus.


  • Cycling should be accommodated on all campus streets and pedestrian pathways.
  • Bicycle amenities such as bike parking posts, sheltered bike parking stations, and even a bike repair shop or free standing bike repair stations can encourage increased cycling.
  • Heated or enclosed bike parking facilities should be considered in the north, central, and south campus areas to encourage use throughout the winter season. These facilities can be incorporated into the design of new buildings.
  • Free standing bike posts should be located throughout the campus in close proximity to building entrances, in interior parking lots, and in the major open spaces.

    Precedent: Sheltered bicycle storage facilities

  • The location of the bike posts should not obstruct pedestrian passage along the circulation routes, and should be integrated into the design of the public realm.
  • With the exception of sheltered bike parking facilities, bike parking should not be designed in large groupings but should be spread in smaller groupings of four or five bike posts, throughout the campus
  • Provide painted sharrow markings on Louise Avenue and 20th Street to indicate that the street is to be shared equally by vehicles and cyclists.
  • Provide bike signage to demarcate cycling routes and connections to other destinations.