Required Documents: International High School Applicants

Official documents must be submitted in order to confirm any offer of acceptance. Final official transcripts/documents must be sent from the granting institution or Examination Authority.   Official transcripts/documents may be accepted from the applicant providing the transcript remains in the sealed envelope from the institution.

All documents submitted become the property of Brandon University. Students in their final year of high school must include a letter from the Principal or designate attesting that graduation from high school will occur before the start of University. Transcripts not in English must be translated by a certified translator along with a note indicating that the translator received documents in a sealed envelope. The original official transcript and the translation must be sent to the Admissions Office.

Avoid Application Fraud:  If you have attended any post-secondary institution, you cannot be evaluated for admission on high school alone. Declare all post-secondary education in your application.  You can read about admission requirements for students who have attended accredited post-secondary on our transfer webpage.

Required Documents by Country (High School)

The Admissions Office makes every attempt to ensure the information listed below is accurate by regularly updating requirements. Note that these requirements are a guideline only and are subject to change without notice.

Once we receive your application, a document request email will be sent to you outlining documents to be submitted:

English language proficiency test scores must come in a sealed envelope from the examination authority, except TOEFL which can also be submitted electronically directly through TOEFL (ETS) and IELTS, which can be verified online using your TRF.

GCE:  Must have passes in five different subjects of which at least two subjects must be passed at the Advanced level;
Passes in four different subjects of which at least three subjects must be passed at the Advanced level.

Please Note:  Two Advanced Subsidiary level courses may be submitted in lieu of one Advanced level course.  Four Advanced Subsidiary Level courses may be submitted in lieu of two Advanced Level courses.  One Advanced Subsidiary subject will be considered in lieu of an Ordinary level subject.

International Baccalaureate: Students with an International Baccalaureate Diploma with an overall score of 24 points are considered to have the equivalent of Manitoba High School Graduation for purposes of admission to Brandon University. The IB Diploma must contain at least three Higher Level courses, with the remaining courses being either the Higher Level or the Standard Level.

WASSCE: C5 or higher in minimum of five subjects, including English and Mathematics.