Alternate admissions pathway

In a difficult situation, Brandon University is here to help.

We have an alternate admission assessment process for refugees, refugee claimants, and those who do not have access to normally required documentation due to circumstances outside of their control (such as environmental disaster, institution closure, etc.).

It is significantly faster and more convenient to apply through the standard application process: The alternate admissions pathway is ONLY for people who CAN NOT obtain supporting documents.

Applicants who find themselves in circumstances that might make them eligible for the alternate admission assessment process should contact the Admissions Office directly ( and as soon as possible to receive detailed information.

The process varies depending on individual circumstances, however applicants will still need to meet the minimum requirements for admission to Brandon University:

  • English proficiency
  • Completed secondary school (high school) or some post-secondary:

Create an account and begin your application online at

Once we have your application, we will still send you a document request by email asking for official documents (including official transcripts and proof of English proficiency where applicable). Please do send those items as requested in our document request email

Wherever possible, you must submit official documentation as requested by the Admissions Office. You will also need to provide an official translation if these documents are not in English.

We know it may be impossible to provide official documents. In circumstances where you are unable to provide official documentation, due to legitimate extenuating circumstances, the Admissions Office may ask you to provide the following:

  • unofficial copies of all educational transcripts/documentation that you have (if they are not in English, we will need you to provide an official translation);
  • a copy of the student ID you were issued at your university;
  • a copy of your passport;
  • a letter outlining your situation in full and including, at minimum, the following:
    • name, location, and date of birth;
    • reasons why you cannot use our regular process of admission;
    • description of attempts you made to obtain documents;
    • name and dates of the institution/program you attended;
    • name of any academic credentials granted and the date granted;
    • titles, grades, course hours (credits), or other information normally included on a transcript;
    • other information required (e.g., statement of professional standing, particularly when a specific academic credential is required to enter the profession in the issuing country).
  • letters of reference from any available third parties, not including family members, who can corroborate your claims and/or provide additional information about your qualifications.

More information about the application process is available online here: