Accessing your Pay Statement

Your pay statement is password-protected to ensure it is secure. This case-sensitive password is created through, and specific to, Avanti. It is not synced with your BU network password and it does not require changing.

To access your pay statement, your password will be:

  • the first three letters of your given name*, (case-sensitive)
  • the last three digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and
  • the last two digits in your birth year.


Example: Hillary Clinton

SIN:  123 789 456

DOB:   October 26, 1947

Her password would be:   Hil45647


* Please note that if your first name begins with a letter followed by punctuation, this will make up the first part of your password and would be recognized as: letter, punctuation, space. If the above example had a name that was J. Hillary Clinton,
the password would be J. 45647. If you have any questions about this specific situation, please contact our office.


If you have not provided your date of birth you will need to contact the Payroll Office to determine what date has been assigned to you.  You will also need to provide an email with your accurate date of birth.