Thesis Information Session

At the April 20th, 2022 M. Ed. Student Thesis Information Session, those in attendance heard from thesis supervisors, students at various stages in the thesis process, and a past graduate. We have uploaded recordings of the presentations for your convenience.

Thesis Supervisors

Dr. Heather Duncan – Dean of Education

Dr. Breanna Lawrence – Guidance and Counselling

Thesis Students

Fritzgerald Villanueva – Inclusive Education, pre-proposal

Alexandra Paiva – Guidance and Counselling, mid data collection and analysis

Jeremy Roberts – Curriculum and Pedagogy, nearing completion

Susan Barteaux – Educational Administration, 2nd M.Ed. degree student pursuing a thesis

Natashalee Thompson – Educational Administration, M. Ed. 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Ellen Watson (Curriculum and Pedagogy) poses questions to Dr. Cathryn Smith (Grad Chair)

Question Timestamps

  • 0:00 – When does a student need to declare their choice for the thesis route?
  • 1:18 – What is the process for requesting a thesis route? Can it be reversed after you apply?
  • 3:34 – What impact does selecting the thesis route have on one’s courses?
  • 4:18 – What would be the impact of electing the thesis route on future academic options?
  • 5:19 – What impact does selecting thesis route have on one’s time to completion of their Masters?
  • 7:06 – How and when does a student pay for their thesis at BU?
  • 8:23 – What parts of the thesis are rigid and what parts are up for negotiation with the supervisor?
  • 9:56 – What supports are in place if a student encounters difficulty while completing their thesis?