Improving the student experience

Brandon University’s new Anthology software package will put students first.

Improving your student experience is one of our primary goals in upgrading our software, and you will see some of the more dramatic changes. This cloud-based software will provide the same modern tools that other universities do and bring a streamlined and efficient experience right to your fingertips.

The Antology Student system will streamline the entire process of applying to Brandon University, choosing and registering for classes, and obtaining a degree. It will be easier to become a student at BU, easier to be a student, and easier for alumni to stay connected with BU.

  • You will have a streamlined application, admission and registration process, with easy access to current information on your status.
  • All student processes will be easily accessible online and through your mobile devices.
  • You will receive automatic and timely communication at critical points of your experience, beginning as a prospective student and continuing on even as alumni.
  • There will be better transparency around student fees and tuition payments.

A lot will also stay the same. We remain focused on supporting students and the mission of the University in the community, and much of the day-to-day at Brandon University will be the same. For example, we do not expect the current payment types accepted by the University to change.

Aside from enrolment and registration, your classes and coursework, including Moodle, also will not change. And the ways you currently communicate with your instructors and staff are not going away. So you will continue to use software like email, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. However, Anthology Student also provides new and faster ways to share information, including grades.