Brandon University has been exploring the move to a comprehensive new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for several years. An ERP is a very large software package that can manage most of Brandon University’s administration and records.

After extensive campus consultation, we have selected CampusNexus to be our new ERP system, with components for students, for communications, and for financial management.

Until this move, Brandon University had been relying on a collection of custom-built or licensed software to manage our needs, especially in student records, finance and administration. Many of these legacy programs are outdated, and they do not work well together. Not only is this frustrating for all of us who use these tools, it also means that BU is not as effective as we should be, and we are inefficient when compared to other universities.

This is a transformational change for Brandon University, and the entire project is expected to take several years. Please note that all future dates are as anticipated, and are subject to change. Here is a broad timeline:


  • Project launch
  • Website launch with feedback form and email
  • Information gathering


  • January: Campus town halls
  • February: Needs assessment
  • February–March: Faculty, staff and student workshops
  • March–June: Process Reimagine and Redesign sessions
  • August: Request for Proposal issued
  • October: On-campus demonstrations from vendors
  • December: Selection of CampusNexus as preferred ERP system


  • January: Board of Governors approval of CampusNexus as BU’s new ERP system
  • March: Begin CampusNexus Student transition
  • April: CampusNexus Student module discovery
  • May–October: Data Migration
  • August: CampusNexus Engage module discovery
  • Fall: Begin student portal


  • Spring: Launch student portal
  • Spring/Summer: Conclude CampusNexus Student preparations
  • Spring/Summer: Begin Forms Builder & Workflow
  • Spring/Summer: Begin CampusNexus Analytics transition
  • Spring/Summer: Begin CampusNexus Finance transition


  • TBD