Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin

Brandon University Strategic Plan 2022–2027

Agile, courageous and inclusive in our thoughts and actions, together we create and celebrate community success.

As Canada’s finest regional university, Brandon University is committed to positive and reciprocal relationships with the communities we serve. We are rooted in the land and territory we call home, and are both inspired and guided by the Indigenous knowledge and understanding that grows from this land.

Embedded in our region, Brandon University embodies and reflects the values of southwestern Manitoba.

Canada’s Finest Regional University

Brandon University strives to be Canada’s finest regional university. But how is that defined? We shun the term “best” as that implies competition and a pursuit of impossible perfection. Only one can be “Number One.” We choose instead collaboration, and community, and to seek and support success for all.

BU: Canada’s Finest Regional University

An introduction from the President

This plan is the culmination of the contribution of scores of individuals and groups and we all owe you deep thanks for your hard efforts.

Dear students, staff,
faculty, and community

Our plan

Our aim to be Canada’s Finest Regional University is ambitious. We are building on our strengths, empowering our people to make a difference. We are setting out goals and objectives to add vibrancy, engagement and success for our students, people, and community.

Who we are

Our vision: Canada’s Finest Regional University

Who we are

Value of BU

The service Brandon University provides to Western Manitoba is unique. 

BU’s value

Campus space

Our campus is a jewel at the heart of Brandon.

Campus spaces

Our challenges

The world is continually changing, no less so as we emerge from a global pandemic. 


Our opportunities

We can revitalize, grow, and improve ourselves by embracing these opportunities. 


Braided strength

We are an interconnected braid where each strand strengthens the others

Our braid

A virtuous cycle

Braiding is a mindful and rhythmic process of creation — a true virtuous cycle.

Virtuous cycle

‘Built in Brandon’

Our ‘Built in Brandon’ approach is a series of actions that everyone can follow: Be Agile, Be Courageous, Be Inclusive.

Built in Brandon

Defining success

Our success will be measured by the effects we have on our communities, including our students, our faculty & staff, and our wider community. This is what it means to be Canada’s Finest Regional University.


Taking swift action

Success does not need to wait. There are actions we can make right now that will accomplish some steps towards our strategies in the near future. These are our priorities for swift action in 2022.

Year One

Five Year Schedule

This Strategic Plan is the result of significant work, including extensive community and campus consultation. This is not an end — it is a beginning.


Strategies for the future

Through extensive campus and community consultation, we have heard excitement about proposed strategies that would increase the vibrancy, engagement and success of our students, our faculty and staff, and our community.