Strategic Plan 2.0

Coming out of the Covid pandemic gives Brandon University a unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves with the benefit of all we have learned. Rather than a stale strategic plan that could never have anticipated the disruption of more than a year of lockdowns, remote work, virtual teaching, and unprecedented (yes, we said it) challenges, we are able now to more clearly see the community gaps that we can fill as well as new opportunities we can seize.

Over the past 18 months, the President, aided by a Strategic Plan Advisory Committee, has drafted a number of Discussion Papers to explore possibilities for the new BU Strategic Plan. These touch on wide-ranging subjects like future enrolment numbers, Indigenization, research, and our engagement with the community. Although Covid forced us to change our consultation plans, these Discussion Papers have been based on extensive conversations with the community, and are based on multiple rounds of feedback beginning with your original ideas as generated in the Weekly What Ifs.

Now, it’s time to explore these options together. Your feedback will help refine and define the future direction of Brandon University.

Up now: Discussion papers

We have prepared a number of short papers to explore possibilities. They are loosely organized by theme or outcome, but each presents a wide range of options, including some that are mutually exclusive or that conflict in other ways. We hope to explore drawbacks and tradeoffs as much as we do possibilities and opportunities and in general to have the fullest possible discussion.

See discussion papers

Previously: What Ifs

For initial consultation, Brandon University emailed out an open-ended possibility, asking you to imagine what Brandon University might be like if we pursued some possible course of action. These were presented as options to choose from, as accomplishments that we may do, or questions that we may want to answer.

What Ifs

Direct feedback

You can always submit your thoughts directly to us via email at or use our feedback form. We are committed to hearing from a wide diversity of voices.

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