Challenges we face

The world is continually changing, no less so as we emerge from a global pandemic.

We must recognize that we do not exist in an unchanging bubble, but that we are faced with external challenges that we must meet. There is value in being a source of constancy and consistency in the world, and we needn’t be flighty or chase every fashion. But we also must recognize where we need to evolve, and why, and take the opportunity to meet those challenges deliberately, by preparing for them and preparing our desired response to them, rather than waiting until the challenges overwhelm us.


Relevance means that we must clearly articulate why go to university, why support a university, the value of making genuine connections on campus and connecting with alumni, while fostering leadership in our students, faculty and staff.

Relevance also means standing up for truth and expertise in a world that increasingly tilts towards spin, opinion, and misinformation.

Post-pandemic recovery

We must decide which aspects of the pandemic will have lasting effects. Brandon University must ensure that we are able to continue to thrive in a changed world. A genuine and lasting recovery from the pandemic will mean ongoing changes to our academics, to our administration, and to our relationships with our communities.


What we do today will resonate tomorrow, and we are deeply aware of our responsibilities to the future. We acknowledge and respect the Indigenous perspective of considering seven generations, and we strive to be a good ancestor.

We are called upon to always act in environmentally, financially, and morally sustainable ways.