I am pleased to present Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin, the Brandon University Strategic Plan 2022–2027. This plan is the culmination of the contribution of scores of individuals and groups and we all owe you deep thanks for your hard efforts.

We are proud to announce a bold and ambitious vision, to be Canada’s finest regional university. We specifically do not say best, as this is not easily quantified, and it is not a competition. Far from it, we do this to help recognize the importance of regional universities in Canada’s post-secondary environment.

We are universities that are not found in Canada’s largest cities. We are universities with a diverse student population, including International and Indigenous, but also primarily serving our regional population. We provide greater access to education, by welcoming students who might not be accepted at larger institutions and by maintaining a focus on quality education without sacrificing affordability.

We are intellectual, social, cultural, and economic hubs for our region and sources of pride for our community. Our campuses are choice meeting places for cultural, social, recreational, sporting, and academic events. Great regional universities become that focal point for the community and a gathering place for excellence. It is for this reason that consultation to create this Strategic Plan repeatedly identified the importance of proper use and celebration of space. This includes improving the details of everyday space, as well as a renovated Brodie Science Building that will include a research annex and opportunities to host academic and community events as well as attract students to study, learn, relax, and socialize well beyond regular class hours.

The three interwoven braids of our plan are our commitments to our students, to our staff and faculty, and to our community.

As braids they each contain many strands, which we identify as strategies for each group, but these overlap and connect at many points. Found in each strand are our commitments to Indigenization, to wellness on campus and to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the biggest opportunities for universities today.

There are many things this plan will not do. This plan informs and supports other documents, like our new Strategic Research Plan, our Campus Master Plan, and our Academic Plan, which is soon to be refreshed. Specifics about academic programming enhancements or new buildings will follow the strategic outlines in this plan, but will be developed separately.

This plan is also realistic about our limits — but it reminds us we can also be ambitious. Consultation repeatedly identified this: We can do more than we think, but currently we think more than we do. This plan spurs us into doing what we can right now.

Brandon University has a long history of providing students with their first taste of post-secondary education. We are proud to continue this tradition, while becoming even more community and regionally focused. And we are proud to shine a light on the importance of the regional university in the Canadian landscape.



President & Vice-Chancellor