Our Five-Year Schedule

This Strategic Plan is the result of significant work, including extensive community and campus consultation.

This is not an end, it is a beginning.

The work must continue, and in fact be redoubled in order to ensure that the plan’s goals come to fruition. Here is the schedule of how we will engage in the work of implementing our Strategic Plan and achieving its goals:

YEAR 1 (2022)

  • Strike Strategic Plan Implementation Committee
  • Assign “Champions” responsible for each strategy
  • Determine data needed to assess current position and measure success
  • Collect data and set baselines

    YEAR 2 (2023)

    • Select one-year, two-year, and three-year actions for each strategy
    • Weigh options and select priorities
    • Ensure S.M.A.R.T. goals for each strategy

    YEAR 3 (2024)

    • Assess outcomes of one-year actions
    • Revisit strategies and priorities

    YEAR 4 (2025)

    • Assess outcomes of two-year actions
    • Revisit strategies and priorities

    YEAR 5 (2026)

    • Assess outcomes of three-year actions
    • Revisit strategies and priorities
    • Review overall Strategic Plan and extend