The value of BU

The service Brandon University provides to Western Manitoba is unique. We serve our communities and share our knowledge with the country and the world, through our research and teaching.

We have global impacts while servicing a largely regional population.

We are the primary provider of university education in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg. Our small class sizes are often the ideal introduction to university for students from smaller communities. Our world-class faculty bring global experience to their classrooms. Nearly three-quarters of our graduates remain in Manitoba, helping to build strong economies and vibrant communities.

Through creativity and knowledge transfer, we connect Brandon with Winnipeg, Westman with southeastern Saskatchewan, the south with the north, and Manitoba with the northern States and with Ottawa. We are a hub for our region and a vital link to other regions.

We serve students from nearby, and attract students to our are from around the world, bringing broad and diverse perspectives, experiences, and culture to share with everyone.

We are a people-strong organization. We find success when our people are successful. We are driven by our commitment to our students, our people and our community. We recognize the responsibility and trust that have been placed in us to engage and build our community.

We value Brandon University’s commitment to Indigenous knowledge. This commitment reminds us of the importance of place, land and tradition. Our vibrant cohort of Indigenous students, knowledge keepers, elders and instructors serve to educate all of us of the importance of decolonization and redressing the horrific ills of residential schools. This reciprocity is important — we rely on our community as much as we serve them, we learn as well as teach.