Our ‘Built in Brandon’ approach

Our aim to be Canada’s Finest Regional University is ambitious. We are setting out goals and objectives to add vibrancy, engagement and success for our students, people, and community.

We need everyone — on campus and in our community — to create this braid together. Our ‘Built in Brandon’ approach reminds us that our solutions may be unique to us. We can learn from best practices elsewhere but must implement them in a way that works here. We must consult with and listen to those who will be affected by our actions.

‘Built in Brandon’ also reminds us that this is a process of construction. We assemble a comprehensive solution from plans and materials. It takes many people with diverse skillsets, all working together. Our ‘Built in Brandon’ approach is a series of actions that everyone can follow:


Move quickly…

Take chances, respond to opportunities, meet challenges head on. Acknowledge failure quickly and move to the next opportunity. Seize the day. Bias towards action. Get it done. 90% now is better than 100% never.

Be courageous

…in the right direction…

Be bold. Do the right thing. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. Take chances. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be on the right side of history. Lead. Popular is not always correct.

Be inclusive

…with everyone.

Celebrate diversity. Seek out, respect, listen to and follow broad perspectives. Respect differences. Be caring and kind to all. Use your privilege to call out intolerance.