Defining and measuring success

With small actions, together we make a big impact

Our success will be measured by the effects we have on our communities, including our students, our faculty & staff, and our wider community. This is what it means to be Canada’s Finest Regional University.

Success will also be measured by our ability to take advantage of the opportunities we see, including Indigenization, EDI, and mental wellness. Finally, success will be measured by how we overcome the challenges we face in demonstrating our relevance and expertise, in supporting our communities through post- pandemic recovery, and in our ongoing sustainability in all ways.

We are all responsible for making this happen.

Our campus is made up of students, faculty and staff, and community who are braided together. Our efforts to support any one of these braids also supports the others. Each of these braids also consists itself of three interwoven strands: vibrancy, engagement and success. Taken together, this provides us with a clear set of areas where we are targeting improvement.

For each area, such as Student Engagement or Faculty/Staff Vibrancy, community consultation has helped develop two or three clear strategies that are proposed to support that area. Listed underneath each strategy is a longer list, again from community consultation, of potential actions that might bring that strategy to life.

These actions should be taken using our Built in Brandon approach – a process of continual improvement that calls on all of us to be agile, to be courageous, and to be inclusive.

To be successful, many of these actions require good data, and more detail. This is often data that we do not currently collect, or do not collect in a meaningful or appropriate way.

Success also requires assigning responsibility — identifying a person on campus who will be responsible for championing the fulfillment of each strategy. But we are all responsible for success. This person will lead, cheer, and celebrate, but everyone on campus bears responsibility for our vibrancy, our engagement, and our success. You can be agile, you can be courageous, and you can be inclusive.

Ongoing and continual implementation is a vital part of this plan. Our Five Year Schedule will guide us as we breathe life into this document and ensure our success as Canada’s Finest Regional University.