Jackie Simpson

What education have you taken?

I will be graduating with my three year Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree this spring. I have a distributed major in Theatre and Philosophy and a minor in Psychology.  I am currently applying to the Faculty of Education to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher!  I am also a journey person electrologist.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Being an active member and leader in the community is something I have always valued. I have been a part of a diverse number of committees and organizations over the years. Growing up I was active in my local 4-H club, an organization, I feel benefited me in many ways. I served as the club president, vice president, treasurer, and leader. However, one of the most meaningful volunteer experiences I have ever had occurred last spring when I volunteered as a camp counselor for Camp Bridges. Camp Bridges is a camp designed for children and adolescents who have lost a loved one to let them unite together to grieve in a healthy, safe environment that encourages grieving but also living. Having lost my own brother when I was eleven made being a part of such an amazing and beneficial camp an exceptionally meaningful experience. Children regularly inspire me.  However, that weekend their strength, courage and ability to love despite such significant losses was an incredible motivator and reminder of why I want to dedicate my life to working with children.

My GPA is also of great importance to me.  I hope to graduate with distinction this spring. Last year I discovered a passion for running and trained to run in the Manitoba Marathon Relay. Participating in the relay was an exciting moment for me. This year my goal is to return to the Manitoba Marathon and complete a half marathon (though 23 km does feel a bit more daunting than 10 km)!

Tell me about yourself / your background / your history.

I returned to Brandon University last winter, while managing my small business, and sold the business last spring. I work for Child and Family services at three of their facilities: the Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre, Victoria Day Care Centre and the Preschool Enrichment Program. I love my job and feel grateful to be gaining beneficial work experience with children before becoming a teacher. The children I work with are constantly teaching me new perspectives from which to view the world. I also manage a piece of commercial property with my common law partner/best friend. I own a home with him; we rent out the basement of our home, as well.

I have a tendency to take on too many projects at once but am learning to say no! I love to cook and bake and discovered a love of creative writing this year. Reading is a wonderful source of relaxation for me and the best part about summer camping! Running is also an important component for my overall well-being. This winter I decided to take up a new hobby and learn how to snowboard. My partner and I love to go together. I am fortunate he is a patient man as I tend to meander down the hill. I am not racing anyone, that is for sure! I also have two dogs named Emmitt and Deacon that I love to spend time with.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I have always loved working with children, I feel like they bring out the best side of me. Children have an energy and vitality that is so contagious and endearing. I feel particularly grateful that my life got side tracked for two years with owning a business because it has only solidified where my true passion lies. I love learning, helping others, and being active. Teaching feels like the perfect fit for this combined with my love of children. I am unbelievably excited to be pursuing my dream career and feel so grateful for the opportunity to return to school.

What is your philosophy in life?

I have many philosophies that help guide me in my life, and feel inspired by others often. I think decisiveness is an important attribute. Life is all about making decisions. Sometimes you will make the wrong choice, other times you will be right, but if you can’t learn to make decisions it is difficult to accomplish anything. Everyone has to fail at one time or another at something. The real defining moment is how you learn from your mistakes.

I see myself as a constant work in progress. Every day is an opportunity for me to become a better person. Perceiving myself this way is a constant source of motivation and is likely why I am seldom satisfied but often content. I appreciate the opportunities life has to offer; it is important to me to continually try to grow as a person.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ah! This is a dangerous questions to ask a planner J. While I am always trying to plan for the future I also enjoy embracing the uncertainty that IS the future. On that note I imagine myself loving my job, making all the sacrifices to return to school to become a teacher worthwhile. I hope I never lose my love of learning. I see myself returning to university, perhaps even several times.

I hope my partner and I can continue to grow our real estate business and that we can find unique ways to contribute to our community. I am goal oriented but open minded to discovering all that life has to offer along the way! It is important to me to always love what I do. If what I love to do changes, so will the way I spend my days.

I hope I maintain a sense of gratitude and modesty at all times; without these attributes any accomplishment is meaningless.

Nominator’s Comments:

Jackie is very positive, very engaging; she energies others around her.  She will be an amazing teacher.  Despite all she has on her plate, Jackie willingly tackles new things – someone needed help with a theatre project, she stepped up and did a professional job.  She is a human dynamo.  To each project she adopts, Jackie gives 120%, wholeheartedly.  She is a positive spirit, determined, and dynamic.  Her energy infuses others.