Kelby Treloar

What education have you taken?

I graduated high school from Vincent Massey here in Brandon and am currently completing my last year of a threeyear Bachelor of Science, majoring in the Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Chemistry.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I am an active volunteer with the Brandon and Assiniboine Regional Health Authorities, with Canadian Blood Services, with the Brandon University Student Leader program, and with Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba.  I’m most proud of my volunteer work with Camp Bridges, a youth bereavement camp for children who have lost a close family member or loved one.  This is a three-day camp that combines outdoors as well as grief activities while allowing children to connect with others experiencing similar situations.

I also serve as a mmber of the Brandon Festival of the Arts board of directors, the President of the Brandon University Zoological Society and as a member of the Pelican Yacht Club executive committee.

In 2010 I received the Brandon University President’s Leadership Scholarship.  I was awarded the Royal Conservatory of Music Silver Medal in Harp for three consecutive years.

I’m currently a Human Anatomy and Physiology laboratory instructor at Brandon University, and have been for over two school years.

Tell me about yourself / your background / your history.

I was born and raised in Brandon.  I have a strong interest in the outdoors, and have taught/ coached sailing for three years at Pelican Lake and have been an avid sailor for over ten years.

I’ve been involved in the arts in Brandon, participating in dance for seventeen years as well as harp and piano for the last ten years. I instructed harp and piano for school-aged children during my first year of university.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

Health care has always been a career goal.  With my father as a physiotherapist and my mother as the Director of Diagnostic Services at the Brandon Regional Health Centre, I have grown up in a hospital/ health care setting.  I have always had a passion for helping/ teaching others, especially children. A strong love for working with others as well as the human body has guided me towards becoming a physician. My involvement in the Anatomy and Physiology program at BU has further inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.

What is your philosophy in life?

I always believe in achieving a balance of everything you love to do. School is important, but you need to make time for things that make you happy. I always make time to play my harp, take a dance class or spend time with family and friends during the hectic school year. Good grades are just icing on the cake if you can have fun while doing it.

I also believe that as a full time student with a plate of extracurricular activities it’s important to take things one day at a time and live in the moment. Long-term goals are great, but it’s the baby steps day by day that allow you to reach those goals.

Over the years teaching and helping other has become a passion, from dance and music to sailing and anatomy.  I’ve learned that there are a lot of different people in this world, and it’s really important to respect others and their point of view on issues. You never know what you might learn from someone else!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself practicing medicine possibly in a center similar to Brandon. I have grown up here and have fallen in love with the atmosphere; I’d love to return to Brandon someday.

In the future I hope to travel as much as possible while completing my education towards becoming a physician. I hope to stay connected to Brandon University and the many connections I have made here.  I also hope to give back in as many ways possible, volunteering as much as I can in and outside of my community.

Nominator’s Comments:

Kelby is a superior student, and is the president of Brandon University Zoology Society.  She is also an accomplished skier and sailor, with many and various charitable involvements.  Kelby has organized food drives and CP drive.  I am proud to say she has an interview for medical school at University of Manitoba this year.