Andrea Grove

Andrea Grove

What education have you taken?

I attended Gilbert Plains Elementary School and the Gilbert Plains Collegiate Institute, graduating in 2012. Currently I am working on a 3 year Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in psychology and a minor in biology.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

From grade 7 to 12 I was on my school’s honor roll. In my grade 12 year I completed Advanced Placement Courses and this assured me that I was ready to take on the challenge of university right after high school. I graduated in 2012, receiving the Governor General’s Bronze Medal. Since starting university I have been thankful to receive nine scholarships and bursaries through Brandon University, including: the Brandon University Board of Governors Entrance Scholarship, the Brandon University Board of Governors Entrance Scholarship: Advanced Placement, the Brandon University Students’ Union Endowed Entrance Bursary, the E. Jay Watson Memorial Entrance Scholarship, the E. Jay Watson Memorial Bursary, and the Mary Cunningham (Babuik) Memorial Scholarship. I also received the Brandon University Students’ Union Endowed Undergraduate Bursary, one of the Elizabeth May Markle Bursaries, and the David Weiss Family Bursary. I am very grateful for receiving these scholarships and bursaries as they have given me peace of mind so that I could focus on my education first and foremost.

I have tried to be involved in as many volunteer opportunities and organizations as I possibly could since starting university, and if opportunity presents itself I’d love to do even more. I have been a student leader for the past few years and have also acted as a Student Leader Coordinator. Last year I was also able to help by mentoring in the Residence Academic Mentoring Program and assisting in the Brandon University Child Psychology Lab. This year I have been enjoying my role as a Student Ambassador. I have also joined the Biological Society Club and the Psychology Club. Outside of school I lent a hand in last year’s “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Event” and I have also worked at Brandon YWCA’s Meredith Place.

Tell me about yourself.

I grew up on a family grain farm just outside of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba. I am the eldest of four children. My parents, siblings, and dog mean everything to me. They push me to keep going, to strive for more every day, and offer support whenever needed. Without them I don’t know where I would be today. I am passionate about learning, expanding my mind, and incessantly curious. I love to read just about anything. Once I really get interested in something I try to know everything that I can possibly know about it.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I have always been interested in learning, but it took me a while to discover my true passions were psychology, biology, and the field of physical therapy. I originally came to Brandon University to do a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, and soon discovered that was not the career path that would suit me best. While in nursing I had incredible experiences with Rehabilitation Services in Brandon’s Hospital and a practicum that involved being in Rivers Medical Centre. I realized during this time that physical therapy was what I really wanted to do and I decided to make it happen. Along the way I have been able to study the workings of the mind and fascinating biological processes while studying psychology and biology as part of my Bachelor of Science degree.

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life is “Be curious in your pursuit of learning and cherish the family and friends that support you”.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future I see myself with a successful career in physical therapy and eventually having my own practice. I’d also like to teach if the opportunity presents itself. I want to live as close as I can to my family’s farm. In the future I also know I’ll still be trying to be involved in numerous causes and events.

Nominator’s comments:

Andrea is an exemplary student. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in several of my courses, and in each case, she demonstrated a tenacious and pensive approach to scholarship. For example, as part of her coursework in my research methods class, Andrea conducted a comprehensive literature review on the affect system of psychopaths, and developed a novel research proposal in the realm of psychopathy, both of which were well beyond the expectations for a second-year undergraduate course. Indeed, I now use her coursework as a template for future students. Her willingness to reflect on her understanding and address any ambiguities as they arise also contributes to her success. She demonstrates a genuine desire to not only master the course material, but also develop personally relevant insights into psychology. Put simply, Andrea is a thinker, one who I have no doubt will excel in her future endeavours.