Morgan Campbell

Morgan Campbell

What education have you taken?

I am currently completing my 4 year Bachelor of Science of Psychiatric Nursing. During these university years I have gained enlightenment on many different topics during seminars and conferences such as Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, CPR, Older Adults living with Co-occurring Disorders, Addictions training, and Harm Reduction training.

In 2013 I attained my Emergency Medical Responder training complete with oxygen administration. I gained employment with a medical service that provided onsite supervision to oil and gas lease sites.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I am most proud of being a mom. It is always challenging for a parent to go to university. I have been able to achieve the start of what I hope is a long and varied post secondary education. I decided I wanted to be an active participant in my children’s school so I became part of the Parent Council Board at Earl Oxford School. We are currently fundraising for a new play structure and I enjoy taking part in events such as hot lunches and movie nights. Watching children grow and flourish into their own beings is a beautiful thing to be a part of. They are constantly making me proud with all their daily milestones and accomplishments. They are such a light.

A friend of mine from high school was in a horrific car crash. I started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her recovery, as her injuries were quite significant. The campaign was set to raise twenty thousand dollars but within two days we had surpassed our initial goal. Using media to create awareness, the fund currently sits at just over eighty-seven thousand dollars for her and her daughter! It was an amazing experience to be able to facilitate a way for the community to come together for a friend in need.

Tell me about yourself.

I grew up south of Brandon, on a Century Old farm close to the village of Minto. I learned early the value of hard work and the meaning of responsibility. The life of a farm kid exposed me to many different things. My father always wanted to know the price of beef and grain and was a daily follower of the farm report. I have fond memories of CJRB.

I was a part of student government all through my middle school and high school years. I also took part in the high school Philanthropy group, Peer Helpers, and Drama Club.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I started out working part time as a health care aid at the hospital in Boissevain. The experience left me forever changed. I wanted to be part of the team that worked closely with client care and helped them on their journey of life. I was aware that some clients were palliative and I honor and respect the challenge those nurses face.

As I was trying to sort out exactly how I wanted to help and what kind of education I wanted, my father became very ill. He battled cancer for very a long time with what seemed like no reprieve. Watching him in pain and wanting to help, furthered my desire to go into psychiatric nursing. He passed away during my first year at Brandon University.

Psychiatric nursing seemed like the right fit. I felt like it has been almost like a calling. I feel very strongly about the potential for psychiatric nurses in the future.

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy is simple. Think good thoughts, say good things, and do good deeds. I know I am blessed and I am grateful to have such a wonderful life. I think it is because of my family, my partner and my kids that I want to be part of the community and the people that want to be agents of change. I will always advocate for those who are not able to advocate for themselves.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future hope I have had more education and life experiences that I have shared with my family. I hope that it is hard for me to stop smiling. I hope that my kids live in a more tolerant world.

Nominator’s comments:

Morgan is a dedicated student and mother of three. She has balanced parenting with the demanding schedule of a Psychiatric Nursing Student. Morgan brings a maturity to her interactions with others that encourages deeper thought and understanding. She is passionate about mental health and is a strong advocate for others. She has taken the lead in both celebrating the accomplishments and life events of her fellow students, and providing support during times of challenge. She has actively sought ways to be involved in the mental health field through participating in continuing education events and exploring ways Psychiatric Nurses can be involved providing innovative services to clients in non-traditional settings. Morgan is an advocate for a friend and her daughter who were injured in a car accident recently. Her advocacy has extended to setting up a GoFundMe page in support of their recovery. Her advocacy resulted in the story going national, resulting in strong financial support for this young mother and her daughter as they recover. Morgan lives what she believes. Her passion is contagious and her energy serves to fuel the passion of others.