Jenna Noordenbos

Jenna Noordenbos

What education have you taken? 

I am pursuing a 4 year Bachelor of Science with Honours at Brandon University with a chemistry major and biology minor.

What accomplishments are you proud of? 

Increased autonomy, application of prior knowledge, and a contribution to the scientific community in my honours research have made this year at Brandon University the most academically rewarding yet. Furthermore, to be the recipient of the Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Jane Forrest Scholarship for Fourth Year Major/Honours in Chemistry is a true honour, as it acknowledges my dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. I am not only proud of my academic accomplishments but also my athletic and volunteer work. I began running and after a year won second place in a half marathon proving to myself that hard work and dedication pay off. Volunteering to accomplish something greater than oneself has also been a fun and enriching experience. This past summer going to Haiti gave me an opportunity to experience the world in a new way by experiencing their culture and language. Being elected as president of Brandon University Varsity Christian Fellowship, and working at camps, provided me opportunities to exercise and strengthen my leadership abilities. This year I am proud to say that I am the president of a new organization, Illuminate, and have continued the role of a Sunday School teacher where I can be a positive role model to children.

Tell me about yourself.

I was born and raised in the small town of Ashern with my three siblings, parents, and more than enough pets! My hobbies now and activities I enjoyed growing up include horseback riding, cooking/baking, photography and spending time with family and friends. Ever since I was young, my dream has always been to become a veterinarian and after graduating high school I immediately attended Brandon University.

How did you become interested in your field of study? 

Prior to university I told myself I would never do chemistry as a major nor did I even consider doing an honours thesis. My mind was set on pursuing a biology major and then heading off to vet school. Well after the first month in I declared a chemistry major and after three years decided to do research. I enjoyed what the world of chemistry had to offer and the more I learned about it and its application, the more I loved it. Not to mention the chemistry department faculty greatly impacted my academic decisions, with their support and encouragement.

What is your philosophy in life? 

Faith, academics and health are what I believe to be important aspects of a well balanced life, along with family and friends. Each day I strive to make myself a better person than the day before, while showing love and kindness to others along the way.

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

After becoming a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine I hope to one day own my own vet clinic. I plan to start a family and travel when I can so that I get to enjoy some of the many wonders that the world has to offer.

Nominator’s comments:

We (the Chemistry Department) would like to nominate Jenna Noordenbos as an Exceptional Female Student in celebration of International Women’s Day. Over the past two years Jenna has maintained a GPA above 4.00, and has been heavily involved with tutoring and serving as a teaching assistant, in community involvement, and with participation in University clubs. Within our Department Jenna is well respected by her peers and frequently called upon to provide guidance and leadership. As a current 4th year Honour’s student, Jenna is conducting fundamental research to better understand the mechanisms of cell death in brain cancer cells. Her efforts in this area of study will undoubtedly lead to her first authorship in a peer-reviewed journal. In this regard, Jenna has excelled in her academic studies, research and service. In addition to these attributes, Jenna has a very strong moral compass and continues to recognize her family as her inspiration and motivation. With much excitement, we feel Jenna is on a steep upward trajectory, and deserving of this recognition.