Julia Cullen

Julia Cullen

What education have you taken?

I graduated in 2012 from Vincent Massey High School in Brandon. I am currently completing my last semester of an honours degree in science, with a major in mathematics and a minor in physics.

What accomplishments are you proud of? 

I am proud of my academic accomplishments. I received the Governor General’s Award when I graduated from high school. Since then I have received a number of scholarships and awards but the one I’m most proud of is Roland Kitchen Scholarship in Mathematics because it is related to my chosen field of study.

I have also found it is rewarding to participate in things outside of the academic world. Last summer I ran my second half marathon with my sister.

Tell me about yourself.

I suppose you would call me a Brandonite. I grew up in Brandon, my father grew up here and most of my friends grew up here. Although I may not stay here after this degree, it will always be my home. My family and friends are very important to me. I enjoy spending time with them at Clear Lake in the summers.

How did you become interested in your field of study? 

Math was always one of my favourite subjects when I was a child, but it was really one particular high school teacher that inspired me to continue with math in university. His exceptional teaching ability allowed be me see the joy in solving problems. His enthusiasm was contagious.

What is your philosophy in life? 

I think there are a number of things that are important. Many of them sound typical – hard work, determination, dedication, fun, family, and finding an overall balance in life. Mainly, though, I think my philosophy is to be engaged in everything you do – don’t passively live your life.

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

The future is always difficult to predict! I am currently applying to a Master of Actuarial Science program. I hope to apply the knowledge I have gained at Brandon University and take it further, into a career that helps people make decisions based on mathematical predictions. Whatever the future brings, I hope to have a rewarding and challenging career and a lifestyle that allows me to continue to enjoy time with those I love.

Nominator’s comments:

Julia is an exceptional student and a really fine person. As just one example, she is extremely helpful as one of the senior students in my “Real Numbers” course. She plans to go on to do research oriented work in Actuarial Science. I recently wrote a reference for her application to Waterloo’s program. After some thought I realized that she ranks high in the top 5 of the approximately 30 students I have had who have gone on to be successful in Graduate programs over my 28 years here. That puts her in the company of, in chronological order, Joachim Stadel, Anna Stokke, Thomas Tran and Ryan Henry.