Brooke Drummond

Brooke Drummond

What education have you taken? 

I graduated from Treherne Collegiate Institute in 2013. That fall, I went right into my 3-year Bachelor of Arts Degree at Brandon University. I will be graduating this May with my Liberal Arts degree, consisting of a major teachable in history and minor teachables in geography, math and physical education. I have applied for the 2-year Bachelor of Education Degree and hope to continue my schooling in that program in the fall at Brandon University.

What accomplishments are you proud of? 

Awards I am proud of from high school include the Governor Generals’ Award, Scholar Athlete Award, and Choir Award. Some Brandon University Scholarships that have helped me along the way are the Sarah Harriet Hall Memorial Academic Scholarship, the G.F. MacDowell Scholarship in Canadian History, and the John G. and Olive Diefenbaker Scholarship in Canadian History, which I received for my academic performance and extracurricular activities. For volunteer work I have been a part of the Brandon University Student Leader Program as a leader and student leader coordinator, organizing and leading events, most notably for orientation. Also, this year I am a member of the newly formed Brandon University Wellness Program to promote student health, as a ‘Wellness Educator’.

Tell me about yourself.

I am from Holland Manitoba, a small town of approximately 400 people, where my parents have raised me and my older brother and sister. I have a large extended family, many friends, and a close community and owe a lot of my childhood memories to them! From a young age I have expressed interests in many areas including music, art, school, and sports. I took piano lessons from ages five to fifteen and enjoyed singing in church, school and regional choirs. I enjoy drawing and was happy to be able to take Drawing I as an elective at Brandon University.

The area I have been most passionate about is sports, playing just about anything I have the time for. I was a member of the varsity cross country, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and track teams in high school as well as a regional AAA hockey team. I am proud of provincial gold medals in basketball in 2010 and hockey from 2010-2013. I enjoy all of these sports but have devoted most of my time to hockey, which led to an amazing experience and memory; in 2012 my team went to the Esso Cup in Prince Edward Island and won the national championship. During university, I have participated in the Brandon Women’s Basketball League, the AAA Ladies Fastpitch League, and the Brandon Co-ed Volleyball League. Currently I am captain of the Assiniboine Community College Cougars Women’s Hockey team, and last year we won the Canadian Western Championship. In my spare time I enjoy trips to our family cabin, fishing, going out dancing with my friends, family reunions, and travelling.

How did you become interested in your field of study? 

When I came to University I was leaning towards becoming a teacher but I did not know what to choose for a major or minor. As I began to take classes in my first year I realized how much I like learning about history, so that ended up as my major teachable and field of study. As for my interest in education, I think it has been engrained in me since I was little, when playing “school” with my sister was a favourite activity. My mom is a school teacher and I think my respect for her and how she has influenced so many children throughout her career has been a main factor in my decision to go into teaching. Also, I have had various experiences working in classrooms and tutoring middle years’ students through which I have realized my passion for teaching. I am excited by the thought of being a teacher because I think I can relate to a variety of children and I enjoy interacting with middle years’ students.

What is your philosophy in life? 

“Don’t worry, be happy,” is one of my main philosophies. I just try to take things as they come and try not to get worked up about things I can’t control. I try to do my best, make the right decisions, and let the little things go. Some days I do this well and others not so much, but I try!

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

My future at this point is pretty open. Mostly I hope to be teaching somewhere in rural Manitoba. I would love to design and build a house someday and get a dog; I have never had a pet so that would be cool. I would love to travel more and I will never be able to spend enough time with my family and friends!

Nominator’s comments:

Brooke is smart and hardworking. Her work is consistently excellent and always a pleasure to mark. She contributes thoughtfully in class – it is clear that she not only carefully reads materials assigned, but also thinks carefully about them. One of the factors that sets Brooke apart from other students is her willingness to take risks and move beyond her comfort zone with assignments. She happily tackles research projects on topics with which she may have limited past experience or knowledge and rises to the challenge. Brooke is hoping to become a teacher, and she will be an exceptional one.