Pedestrian Gateways

Precedent: Pedestrian gateway — defined by public art

The Pedestrian Gateways are pedestrian-only points of access. These occur at the north and south ends of the Campus, at 19th Street and 20th Street South. The Lorne Avenue gateway is also primarily pedestrian but does provide drop-off and pick-up access to Clark Hall.

19th Street and Princess Avenue Gateway

The 19th Street Gateway is significant as it is the northern entrance to the Campus’ central pedestrian spine and the beginning of a walk through the heritage campus. This gateway should tell the history of the Campus’ original structure.

20th Street and Victoria Avenue Gateway

Precedent: Pedestrian Gateway — defined by built form

The 20th Street Gateway is the south pedestrian point of access into the campus from the south neighbourhoods. It is an opportunity to demarcate and enhance the link between the University and Earl Oxford Elementary School. New buildings and an enhanced recreational field should be key components of gateway treatments at the point of access.


  • The 19th Street Pedestrian Gateway should be demarcated with a heritage element that tells the story of the Campus’ original structure. This can take the form of signage, free standing art or fixed art. A fixed art feature can continue along the length of the north-south spine and end at the 20th Street South gateway.
  • Each gateway should have safe signalized pedestrian crossings to allow for safe pedestrian passage to and from the University.
  • Enhanced materials such as a raised intersection treatment should be considered for the 19th Street gateway crossing.
  • The new building at the 20th Street South Gateway should provide a prominent architectural feature as part of the building design. The design of the entrance should include an area to sit, or to stop and read signage to navigate the campus.
  • The new building should provide an animated use at grade to contribute to the gateway treatment at the entrance point such as commercial uses, a coffee house, or an internal ice-skating rink that would compliment the adjacent health and wellness amenities and uses, and create a year-round southerly draw.